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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Review: Serpent's Kiss by Thea Harrison

 Serpent's Kiss
by Thea Karrison
(Elder Races # 3)
Paranormal Romance

I have to say that I am addicted to Thea Harrison's Elder Races World. It is a phenomenal world of Wyr kind, Elves, Fae, Demons, Monsters, Vampires and Witches. Thea Harrison did not disappoint. I was sucked in this original and intense world she has created.

I honestly was afraid to rate this book because I thought I may be biased. See, I attended a lunch get-together with Ms. Harrison on the day this book was released. She was uber nice, easy to approach and she even gave me a hug. Okay lame but because of that, I was sure to just rate it with most praise. But after reading this book I was relieved that it had lived up to my expectations and rating 5 stars was not hard to do. Let me tell you my reasons for loving this book.

First, this book had a heart felt story between H/H and the character build up is so incredible that made it easy for me to love them. Rune is the Alpha male who knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. He knows women’s fashion, knows how to suggest it well, he enjoys chick flicks, and knows how to pleasure. He really is the Alpha I like to read about. Carling, from the last book was the Ice Queen, the one everyone feared. But Ms. Harrison was able to bring out a more likeable personality. She was icy, recluse and deadly due to her predicament and pretty much this is how our H/H love for each other started. The relationship started slow and the sexual tension lacked at first. But the coming together between Rune and Carling was solid and strong. Any couple who has to deal with an illness and survive is just admiring.

Second, this book had Egyptian mythology, mysteries, and a bit of time travel (which I enjoy). There is also a tiny bit of Quantum physics that got me googling Schrodingers Cat....yeah, don’t look it up unless your in that part of the book. It's complicated. I love books that make me wonder how issues are solved.

Third reason are tid bits about the book that kept me interested. The book is set in San Francisco, where I grew up. Again, lame, but it was nice that Ms. Harrison mentioned real places and mixed it with fictional attributes. Other characters caught my attention and I kept wanting to learn more of them. There is a medusa that plays a good part in this book, a Witch, an Oracle and a Serpent who is there but not really there *lol*. Dragos and Pia also made their appearance. I have a feeling we will see more of Dragos in the upcoming books *fingers crossed*. Carling surprisingly has a pet dog, totally cute and he had a lot to do with her transformation from Ice Queen to Rune’s perfect heroine. I think we will see more of him as well.

Last, the ending of this book blew me away. It was unexpected and left me sobbing. There are betrayals that were heartbreaking, loss of a friend and definitely new enemies.

The set up and possibilities for the next book are endless and we get a glimpse of the H/H in the next book, Oracles Moon. The excerpt was good and will keep me anxiously waiting for it. Khalil and Grace will be sure to make us laugh and from what I’ve read, maybe even cry.

I highly recommend this series to any PNR fans.

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