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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Welcoming Angela to the UTC Team!

Holla Maidens! Today we are introducing someone very special to us. In the past, you may have seen some of Angela’s reviews before. And from now on, you’ll definitely be seeing more of her because Angela is our newest reviewer here on UTC! So please, give her a warm welcome! 
Since we haven’t taken on anyone else before this, we just couldn’t give up the chance to torture initiate Angela publically (mwahaha!). So what we have here is a little interview with our newest reviewer. Here’s the dirty on “Luscious Lace”.

Why must you try and steal men from Suzanne? She is an AMAZING person who spreads happiness and joy wherever she goes. NAUGHTY Ang!
~ It is no doubt that Suzanne is an AMAZING person, fun to chat with, friendly and spreads happiness and joy where ever she goes. But she is also very, very possessive over her Secret Harem. This is understandable as I do the same. But as of now, and I say this publicly, I will only look at her Secret Harem when I think of BDB. And I will never make attempts to steal or sneak in her dungeon. LOL.

Vampire, Werewolf or plain ol' human? 
~Ummm, if I had to choose only one, in my paranormal mind? Vampire for sure. In real life, human, no doubt. Real Vamps will probably scare the living shit out of me.

Which girl (apart from us!) would make you started batting for the other team? 
 ~Hmmm, not from UTC? I think maybe Eva Mendez. Sexy but not slutty and she looks like she can please a woman. I can’t believe I’m saying this but with her, I don’t think I will have to worry who will take control. LOL *blushing*

What is your favourite series? 
 ~There are a few that I follow.
PNR: These are the top of my list: Black Dagger Brotherhood, Immortals After Dark, Dark Hunters, Demonica, Night Huntress, Lord of the Underworld, KMM’s Highlanders, Fallen Angels, and Elder Races.
Contemporary Faves: Sinners on Tour, Donovan Brewery Brothers and Fifty Shades

Favouritest book that you couldn't live with out?
~I could not live without Dark Lover-BDB. I could read that book over and over and over. Wrath is the man!

Who are your favourite authors?
~The authors that wrote my favorite series are pretty much my faves, with J. R. Ward at the top of my list. Both BDB and Fallen Angels are just really awesome books.

If you could be transported to any fictional world which one would it be?
~ I would like to be transported into KMM Highlander world. This is fresh in my mind as I had just discussed this world with Annie. KMM really has brought out a great world of Alpha Males that revered their mates. And the idea of Time Travel amazes me.

If you were trapped on an island with no hope of escape which character would you like to be stuck with?
~Wrath, Bones and Vlad for sure!!! Survival will not be an issue and pleasure included.

Tall, Dark and Handsome or Blonde and Beautiful?
~Tall, Dark and Handsome for sure. Blondes are great but not my fave.

G string, boy shorts or granny knickers? What are you wearing RIGHT NOW!
~G when I’m feeling playful which is as often as I finish reading a good book. LOL. Boy Shorts when I’m wearing skirts, cotton Bikinis when I’m in between books and Granny certain days of the month. Right now?…wouldn’t Annie like to know?


Jen at Red Hot Books said...

Welcome Angela!

Myth said...

Welcome Ang, omg it's going to be crazy having all my girls on one page!!!!!

Unknown said...

LOL,of course I wanna know which panties you're wearing !! WELCOME TO THE COOL GIRLS CLUB, ANGELA!!!


AngelaC said...

Thanks Jen and B!!! Super excited!

Thanks Annie and tonight I'm wearing....Lmaoooo..

AngelaC said...

And thanks UTC you guys are AWESOME!!!

Unknown said...

Totally agree with your favourites series' BDB & Demonica are some of mines too, welcome :-)

Unknown said...

Welcome Angela! Love the awesome reviews that are posted on UTC, looking forward to yours too.

Ren said...

Welcome Ang! *cheers*
Wow, she has a cool banner and icon! O.O
Can I have one???

AngelaC said...

Ttoria, right?! Great books!
Vanessa, thank you!

Ren, thanks. I love it. UTC is nice enough to give a warrior for my own.

Proserpine said...

Nice! Welcome!

roro said...

Welcome Angela!

AngelaC said...

Thanks Proserpine and Roro. It's been a great day!!!

jfort357 said...

Welcome, Angela!!! Look forward to reading your reviews!!! I, too, share the same love for BDB series!!! Zsadist is my fav!!! ;-) HOTNESS!!!!

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Hey babe! Glad to see you here!

AngelaC said...

Jfort, thank you. And I totally agree about Z! He's one of my faves. Definitely!