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Friday, 7 October 2011

Review: Hold Me by Betsy Horvath

2.5 Feathers

Hold Me
by Betsy Horvath
Contemporary Romance

I am sad to say I didn't enjoy this book as much as I thought I would. It starts off great and then at about 15-20% it just loses me.

The storyline had potential: undercover FBI agent gets discovered and as he's running for his life he ends up jumping in the car of a civilian woman to run away from the mobsters following him. Now he puts her life in danger because they threaten to kill her.

What started throwing me off was when Lucas Vasco, the hero and undercover FBI agent, realizes that the woman he put in danger is the same woman he's been in love with for years. How is that possible you ask? Well there's a girl that he was in a foster home with whom he considers his sister. And she gave him a picture a long time ago with her sister at her new foster home. And he's been MADLY IN LOVE with that girl from the picture ever since. But he was too scared to ever meet her.

So that scenario was a bit weird to me. Now she's in front of him, she has no clue who he is, and he has to protect her. So he takes her to his home in New Jersey. Well... he lives in a castle, which he inherited from his grandmother. Again, a little strange.

But what grated on my nerves the most was Katie, the heroine. I found her a bit annoying, and quite frankly TSTL.

The book does get my attention back towards the end but I had pretty much lost interest. The actual writing style of the author was good and it flowed nicely. The story however was just not for me.

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