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Sunday, 27 November 2011


This week's hottie with a body is Tyler Bachtel! What do you think ladies? This one is probably my fave pic of him.

I know some think this is weird. But I like the veins in his arms. Am I alone in that regard? 

This leads me to my other question for you this week: What's the hottest part of a guy? Do you like abs? Arms? A strong jaw?

Meanwhile, to get those rice crispies working here are some more pics of Tyler!


Myth said...

I remember him!!! Yeah he's a looker!!!

Lady D said...

Either arms, eyes, or... hm. A little lower on the body. ;)

Sophia Rose said...

I'm an eye person which is why I enjoy book covers that show the head and not just the yum-yum below.

This was a tasty choice.

Timitra said...

OH MY!!!!!

Unknown said...

LOL Nice answers ladies. I would have to agree with all of the above :D

Leeann Barker said...

Oh my my my, I've always been into strong shoulders and chests. The abs are a nice addition.