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Saturday, 26 November 2011

2012 Krazy Kleypas Reading Challenge

Like UTC, are you Lisa Kleypas' number one fan? Or are you wondering who the hell Lisa Kleypas is? Well, if you belong to either extreme or somewhere in between the Krazy Klepas Reading Challenge 2012 is perfect for you!

Here’s the rundown:

1. The Krazy Kleypas Reading Challenge runs from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012. You can join at anytime during the year. This is a 2012 challenge, so books read before then will not count to your progress.

2. Pick whichever category you like! You can get your feet wet and just do 1-3 books or develop a full blown obsession and try and read them all! You can change your mind at any time, if 1-3 books is not enough feel free to go on to the next category.

3. Re-reads are acceptable.

4. Readers without blogs can still participate! Keep track of your progress with Goodreads, Shelfari or LibraryThing.

To sign up:

1. Make a sign up post announcement, listing the category you've chosen and a list of books you plan to read. If you don't have a blog, post on GoodReads or other site as a thread where we can access your list of books. Be sure to take the image code above.

2. Come back here and using the list below, add your entry with a link directly to that post so we can see what you'll be reading.

You're done! Every month during 2012 we will make a challenge update post where you can come and updates us on how you're doing with your challenge.

Category One 
1-3 Books
Popping your Kleypas Cherry
*gasps* You haven't read Lisa Kleypas yet?! Start here and pop your cherry ! We promise she will handle your virginity with care...

Category Two 
4-8 Books
Komfy with Kleypas
Time to start searching the back list...she has you hooked!

Category Three 
8-12 Books
Kaptured by Kleypas
She's caught you in her web...you're beginning to not want to escape, surely one more book won't hurt...

Category Four 
12-16 Books
Kleypas Addiction
You can't seem to help yourself...you need more, all other romances just don't compare to a good LK fix!

Category Five 
16-20 Books
Kleypas Krazy
The Kleypas Addiction has full control! You find yourself thinking about the books all the time waiting impatiently for your next fix, started calling all the heroines by your own name... You are beyond saving and loving every word of it!

Category Six 
Read Every Lisa Kleypas ever published.
Lisa's Number One Fan
*moments silence* We bow before your greatness...Clearly, you are Lisa Kleypas' biggest fan!

Happy Reading, Maidens!


fishgirl182 said...

What a great idea! I just bought my first kleypas book and have been meaning to try her out. I'll be signing up soon.

Unknown said...

Love the idea! I had planned to (and I am right now) going to do a giveaway for any of Lisa's backlists so I incorporated your reading challenge into my blog post. *high fives*

I hope we gets lots of folks to join.

Mrs. Papillion...aka "The Book Worm" said...

I'm definitely going to sign up for this challenge too. I haven't read anything from her yet and looking forward too. =)

Unknown said...

For Kleypas newbies, we are excited to pop your Kleypas cherry!

And Michelle, thanks for posting!


Lisa Kay said...

I'm in! Love Kleypas and I'm "re-reading" via my ears as a lot of her books come out on audiobooks.

Unknown said...

I've never participated in a challenge, I guess I could do a re-listen of her audiobooks, I'm not really sure how it works, but whatever it is I'm in...lol

AngelaC said...

Ok. I'll pop Kleypas cherry!!! Eeeek!

DeborahR said...

What a wonderful idea! Count me in!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for participating girls!

And @Lupdilup you just have to make a post on your blog saying you're participating and pick a level from above depending the amounts of books you want to challenge yourself to read. A list of the books you'll read would be nice as well in your post. Use the image code above. And then come back every month to update us on your progress, we will have a post every month to see how every one is doing.

AlreadyAddictedWhyStop08 said...

i'm in and i was wondering can we read any book for this challenge?...cause i have some amazing books coming my way and would love to include them in this...

Unknown said...

I'm a Category 5! A lot are re-reads but I will still have fun re reading them!

Jess said...

Yay great idea! I'm going for category #4, I've been wanting to read some of her back-list historicals for what seems like forever! I'm shooting for 12, 1 book a month...it'll of course include a full Travis series reread!

Unknown said...

@AlreadyAddicted Yes, any book will do. But it must be a Lisa Kleypas book since it is a Kleypas themed challenge. Any of her books count towards your goal.

Yay Brittany!

And maybe I'll reread Travises too, Jess! You know how much I love that series!


Jess said...

And...Oops! I'll delete and redo my linky with the challenge post direct link when it goes up later this week :)

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

I'm gonna try to pop my cherry! I haven't chosen my books yet but I have a shelf for them on GR

Kati said...

OMG. *looks around* I might as well pop my Kleypas cherry. *closes eyes, opens one eye and notices the glares from the UTC ladies* Um, I'm going to take the plunge with Quinn and Kleypas next year. Double teaming of sorts.

Angie said...

I read my first Kleypas novel this year and absolutely loved it! I think I'm going to go for level 2, and read the rest of her Wallflowers series and possibly Hathaways also. :D

Angie @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews

Unknown said...

I am such a Category FIVE!! *giggles* why does that make think of hurricanes.. yep that's me a Category Five, Lisa's own Hurricane Shauni!!

This is a great idea!! I am going to add your info to my blog!! Hope to send some readers your way!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun--can't wait to get started!

MamaElk said...

I'm sooo in! I'm going pop my cherry... ;)

I know I am going to love her, but, I have other books that I have to read, so, just to be safe. I have a feeling that I'm going to up it later though, lol!

Have a great day all!

Tyraa said...

LOLL I popper her cherry a few years ago. Kleypas is my idolllllll. So freaking great. I'll join the challenge cos there's a few of her historicals I still need to read. It'll make me get onto them.I'll make a post soon :)

Alisha (MyNeedToRead) said...

I've only got one Kleypas book under my belt (and it was great!), so I'm looking forward to delving deeper into her crazy, awesome world.

Unknown said...

I only have two books left! Woooohoooo

fsbuchler said...

I am definetly Catagory Six! I have read all lo Lisa Kleypas' books so far and that will include "Dream Lake" as soon as I can get it in hand!

Alisa Jenkins said...

I'm in. I'll take category 2.
I am on GoodReads But I don't know how to post that picture link. And how do I find you on Goodreads so you can see my list?

Unknown said...

@ajenkins, our GoodReads profile links are on the About Us section but you can post the link to your list here as a comment and we'll stop by and visit :)

Alisa Jenkins said...

Thank you.
here is the list to my GoodReads book list: