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Friday, 11 November 2011

Review: Wicked To Love by Shayla Black

Wicked To Love
by Shayla Black
(Wicked Lovers # 5.5)

Shayla is at it again! As part of the Wicked Reads series, which features the Wicked Writers in all sorts of short novellas, Ms. Black is treating us with a novella from her Wicked Lovers series.

Remember Brandon from book 1? He is Morgan's brother. Also, better known as Jack Cole's good friend who basically thought he was in love with Jack's wife until, after betraying his best friend for a woman, she left him too. He's been heartbroken for years, thinking he wants her back in his life, and not seeing what he's had right under his nose.

Kayla has been Brandon's secretary for three years. Three years that she has fantasized, loved, and hoped that Brandon would notice her. But that was not to be the case. She's known Brandon was in love with someone and when she strolls in his office and they go out for lunch one afternoon she decides it's time to move on with her life. She can't keep doing this to herself.

So she quits! And that was just the shock Brandon needed to finally notice Kayla. Proper, buttoned up Kayla.

After she quit, he followed her home. Thinking of only talking some sense into her. He was not expecting to have her shoved up against the wall and not able to hold off one second before he was inside her.

This story is short, it's hot, well, panty melting hot, but what didn't work well enough for me to give it five stars was the fact that in about 5 minutes Brandon went from 3 years of not thinking of Kayla as a love interest to not being able to live without her and considering marriage.

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