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Friday, 18 November 2011

Movie Review: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Breaking Dawn Part 1

Aaahhhhhhh *Squeeeeee* Sorry had to get that out first.  I can't believe it is finally here!  Nothing better than experiencing the Twilight saga at a midnight showing, opening night.  I think I can talk freely because probably most of you have read the book already.  So here are my thoughts (as I sit home not able to go to sleep now, after the quantities of coffee I have consumed today)

The Plot
Part 1 of Breaking Dawn basically takes us from Bella and Edwards' wedding all the way through Bella's awakening as a vampire.  The almost two hour movie seemed to fly by even though there's very little action and more standing around and talking.

The Hits
  • There's plenty of humor.  Jacob has some pretty good one-liners that had me cracking up.  When Bella is cold and he says "I'll take care of that" or later when he says that "he's not the one carrying a demon".  The speeches at the wedding were hilarious too.
  • The special effects to make Bella look deathly thin.  Even though disturbing to look at her in that state, you would think that she actually was just skin and bones.  And then when she's turning and recovering her body weight, skin and hair color etc, I thought that was very well done.
  • Charlie!  Just <3 him.
  • Location. Location. Location.  So the wedding was beautiful, with gorgeous flowers hanging above them and the guests, it was like a dream.  And don't get me started on Isle Esme.  Beautiful.
  • The wolf scene at the beach when Jacob tells the pack that Bella is pregnant.  They were so cute I just wanted to hug them and cuddle with them!
  • The connection.  There's something about Kristen and Robert as a couple that just comes through the screen and just makes you believe that their love is forever.
  • Is it bad that I have to include here that if I had my choice between Edward and Jacob by looking at Taylor and Robert I'd take Jacob for a test drive ANY DAY?  We didn't get a lot of shirtless time but he looked extremely good.  Robert could use to gain just a tiny bit of muscle :)
The Misses
  • I think Jacob breaking off from the pack and basically starting his pack of misfits could've been represented better in the story.  I think it would've been nice to see a bit of the wolf dynamics and how they can talk to each other while in the same pack.
  • The sex scene!  After it was so hyped up and highly anticipated it fizzled out for me.  It ended up being more of a humorous moment than a sensual scene.  Sorry, this was a miss for me.
  • Edwards' reaction to finding out Jacob had imprinted on his daughter.  Anti-climactic.
The Acting
I'm sorry but I still think the quality of the acting in the movie, even though it has gotten better, it's still not at a great level.  When Bella is walking down the isle, you would think she was walking to her funeral from her facial expressions.  I think my favorites are still Edward and Alice.

Book vs Movie
They pretty much stuck to the book to a tee.  Obviously not every single scene can make it into a two hour movie and I think they managed to include exactly what was needed for the story to come across.  It could've maybe used another 15-20 minutes but it was a great representation of the book.  But that may be just wishful thinking on my part.

Part 2
I am extremely excited for Part 2 to come out already! LOL  This will be the one with all the action and faster pace.  Bring it on Volturis.


Bex said...

Why does it feel like these movies always manage to make the more romantic and steamier scenes humorous? Lol.

You just managed to make me even more excited about the movie! I want to go soooo badly and am currently working on getting my boyfriend to give in and go see it. He's way too stubborn! I'm gonna get him there, just wait. LOL.

I definitely can't wait to see it! Great Movie Review!

Rebecca @ Kindle Fever

Unknown said...

Hope you get to see it soon Rebecca! I couldn't drag my boyfriend to go with me at midnight so I went with a friend which was better because I coudl scream and let my excitement run wild LOL


Maria Behar said...

Hi, Francesca!!!

OMG!!! You were actually able to go to the midnight showing? You LUCKY, LUCKY girl!! I'm so GREEN with envy right now!

I have to work today, so of course I couldn't go to any midnight shows...but anyway, I'm going to wait until the crowds dwindle a bit before I go. My husband is going with me, and he hates to wait in long lines. Bad enough, he says, that he has to go! No, he does NOT like The Twilight Saga. But he has to take me, because I would probably have an accident if I drove to the theater by myself...lol. Besides, it'll be more fun seeing Bella and Edward's wedding with my big, hunky man sitting right next to me!

Thanks for your GREAT review of the movie!! You've made me even MORE anxious to see it now!!!!

Maria @ http://anightsdreamofbooks.blogspot.com/

Leagh said...

I went and saw it with my sister and a good friend and had a blast. I thought the movie was great and I think you did a very good job describing the scenes. I thought the sex scenes were spot on from the book. I know there is some humor in it and I think that was supposed to be. Loved the morning after with the feathers, lol. I was very concerned that they were going to totally butcher the sex scene and the birth scene because they had to keep it PG 13 but I thought they did a good job and they were very tasteful. Definitely agree that the scene where Jacob imprinted on Renesmee was very anticlimactic. I hope they play that up a bit in part 2. Edward was a little too "ok" with Jacob going from being in love with his wife to imprinting on his daughter. Over all I thought the move was very intense and it kept me totally involved the entire time. For those that have not scene it...be sure to wait till after the credits before you leave the theater *smirk*

Unknown said...

@Maria - I still had to go to work! It'll be a loooong day!

@Leagh - I agree, everything was tasteful, nothing gory (which I was expecting of the birth scene). Nicely done!

AngelaC said...

Great review babe!!!

-Ok. I agree on the acting although I think Bella and Jacob did well.
-Yes. Rob needs to buff up.
-The sickly Bella was well done. The breaking of the back, the C-Section and the dying was pretty crazy!
-The imprinting scene was actually good. It wasn't to pedofile. Although the clouds could've been left out.
-I was hoping for mor Alice.

Overall. I love it!!!!

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Coming back to respond to this later. Seeing it tonight!

Sophia Rose said...

Can't wait for my turn! Thanks for the share.

I'm dragging a reluctant spouse along who will also not tolerate standing in a long line for something he has no desire to see. But he claims he does not wish me visiting with the vamps and wolves alone. (-;

Cass said...

I'm so glad you agree that the acting (while getting better) is just not that great. Good lord, in the first movie it was just plain horrible lol That being said I still get excited when any of the movies come out because I'm a hugh fan of the books. I'm kinda disappointed to hear about the sex scene though. Its always hotter in my head :)

ParaJunkee said...

Thanks! This was an excellent review. I want to give a try to the "adult" movie theater that let's me get drunk with actual waiters - well the waiters aren't getting drunk with me - so I have to wait until tomorrow night to see it. This is helping me want to see it more, because I'm not actually as excited as I was to see Eclipse. BD was my least favorite of the set. Oh well. Thanks again. I'm excited now. X ♡ X ♡ - Parajunkee

Unknown said...

@Parajunkee - the adult movie theaters are the best! Love them! LOL And then you should try the ones that have plush couches and you can actually get to bring your pillows and blankets (and they serve you alcohol). No better way to watch a movie. Breaking Dawn was my least favorite book as well, especially the first part, so I was glad to see the movie for Part 1 was actually entertaining.

@Cass - yes, the acting has gotten better but it still has a ways to go.

@Megan - See you later then!

@Sophia Rose - what does he think you would possibly do without him? *waggles eyebrows*

@Angela - I wanted more Alice too!


AngelaC said...

Really bring blankets and pillows? Why don't we have that here?! I'm totally missing out.

Oooh and I thought there was going to be Ch 32. LMAOOOOOO

Steph from fangswandsandfairydust.com said...

Excellent review. I would happily have gone through another 20 minutes!
The "sex" scenes were diluted as they desperately needed to keep being PG 13. They could have been ironing for all the sexiness in them. And, the make up and cgi on Bella, my friend thought they had gotten an anorexic to do that part but I think it was CGI, like what they did for Captain America but in reverse.
Thanks for visiting!
I think I already follow but am going to check right now!
<a href="http://fangswandsandfairydust.blogspot.com” rel=”nofollow”> Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust</a>

Unknown said...

@Steph - Ironing! LOL Pretty accurate. And I think it was cgi as well, especially because the change in the end.