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Sunday, 20 November 2011


Holla Maidens! Just checking in to bring you this week's pretend boyfriend.

Hey, it could totally happen.

We could meet on the beach somewhere.


He'll charm me, make me laugh.
We'll play some ball. *winks*
(Read starred comment below *sad face*)

After we've worked up a sweat, we'll hit the showers and get all cleaned up.

I'll tell him to skip the shaving because he looks sexier with scruff. 
And then he'll take me to dinner where he'll look at me like I'm the only girl in the world.

Then he'll take me to his place where he'll start unbuttoning his clothes...

He'll bring out the chains...

And this is usually when I wake up. 
So you'll have to use your own dirty minds and finish my dream date with my pretend boyfriend!

Until next week, Maidens! Ciao!

*[Sorry ladies, this image got deleted by photobucket so my lovely story doesn't work anymore. Google Justin and you'll find the pic I was referring to]


Cass said...

Can we share please! My fav is the last picture...I'll chain him up lol

Timitra said...

WOW!!! He is SMOKIN' HOT!!!! Can I have him lol

Leeann Barker said...

OMG.....He's my Eidolon! (Serious Demon from Larissa Ione's Pleasure Unbound)

Sophia Rose said...

I love those facial expressions. He can really pull a gal in with those eyes. Definitely, some kind of paranormal hero. (-;

Good choice!