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Monday, 7 November 2011

ARC Review: Slip Point by Karalynn Lee

Slip Point
by Karalynn Lee

Space pirates anyone? This is my second story by Ms. Lee and I found it entertaining. Starting off we see Shay as a little girl and her only dream is to be the captain of her own ship (space ship that is). Her father was one and she's had a fascination with the stars. Then she met a boy who shared her passion. And living in a pretty small town/world? where nobody ever left to go become someone and do great things, their only option to accomplish their dreams is to enlist in the SpaceCorps.

But things don't turn out the way they expected them and Shay makes a decision that will take her on a path to become a renowned space pirate. She's left everything behind, including the love of her life, but she's doing something she loves.

Fast forward ten years and she's given a cargo mission that should be simple. Except nothing about being with Jayce again is simple. Their feelings for each other are still there, their issues have grown with her disappearance and re-appearance as a pirate. And somehow they have to work together for a common goal now.

Short and entertaining, I quite enjoyed it. Not a lot of steam, but for such a short story I think the author did a pretty good job at world and character building.

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Sophia Rose said...

Either it is your excellent reviewing ability and/or the storyline or just my mood. (all the above) This story sounds appealing.

Thanks for the review!

AngelaC said...

Review does make it sound good doesn't it? but I've never been really interested in sci. stories. I tried Host byt Meyer..it was aight. =)

Unknown said...

Hope you girls like it!

And Ang, The Host is not really sci fi romance, is just sci fi, and just a bad book in general, really stupid actually and so boring. SOOOOO if that's your only sci fi you need to look at sci fi erotica or sci fi romance instead.


AngelaC said...

Fair enough! Send me your best sci/fi /erotica recommendation. And I will give it a go!

And tou still haven't answered me in gtalk. :(