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Saturday, 12 November 2011

TV Review: Once Upon A Time - Snow Falls (Ep. 3)

Show: Once Upon A Time
Episode: 03 - Snow Falls
Season: One
Network: ABC

Who would have thought that Snow White would also be a thief?  In what could only be described as a Snow White/Robin Hood persona she ambushes and steals from Prince Charming.  What, you may ask?  The ring for his intended wife, an insufferable prima donna whom he is being forced to marry for political reasons.

He then follows her to get his ring back, traps her, saves her life, and then finds himself fighting for his own against some trolls, and it's her turn to make a huge sacrifice and save his.

This was an excellent episode!  There was more then than now, which I enjoyed, but in the now Prince Charming has finally appeared.  Even though he's kind of in a comma, and today's Snow White has to be bring him back.

The Evil Queen is at it again to keep Snow and Charming apart, Henry is still fighting to get them together, and Emma, well, she may be starting to doubt that Henry is just crazy.

My favorite part?  The scenes between Charming and Snow then.  How they came to meet, the easy banter between them.  They make a great couple!  And wasn't it just too cute that Snow wouldn't call James by his name and kept calling him Charming. :)

Yes! I'm caught up with the series and ready for the next episode tomorrow!