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Sunday, 13 November 2011

TV Review: Once Upon A Time - The Price of Gold (Ep. 4)

Show: Once Upon A Time
Episode: 04 - The Price of Gold
Season: One
Network: ABC

Magic always comes at a price, but are you willing to pay it?  This episode was really enjoyable.  It was like being in a fairytale that mixed some of my favorite characters.  Not only do we see our regular Snow White and Prince Charming, but we get Cinderella as well!

So we start off with Cinderella making a deal with Mr. Gold, not her fairy godmother, to go to the ball.  She signs the contract not knowing exactly what Mr. Gold wants in return.  Then we get their wedding, such a magical occasion, and my favorite part of the show because Prince Charming (aka James) was at the wedding, as well as Snow, who appears to be Cinderellas friend.  I mean, who doesn't want to see 2 Princesses dancing at a ball?

OK, so Mr. Gold shows up and turns out what he wanted in return was her first born child.  Now to prevent that they need to use more magic, and this is where things get complicated.

The story kind of repeats in the now and it's up to Emma to help her keep her baby.  And kudos to Mr. Gold, definitely my favorite acting in the show, week after week.

Talking about bad deals, don't get me started about the ending of the show.  Seriously?  That sneaky, slimy rat!

Our little Emma has decided to stay in Storybrook so we will see what new adventures the next episode brings.


Ing said...

Really enjoying this show so far. I think it's genius how ABC is mixing all the fairy tales together.

Good episode - so sad for Ella.