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Tuesday 17 July 2012

ARC Review: Brazen by Cathryn Fox

by Cathryn Fox
(Whispering Cove # 6)
Give me a hot firefighter that knows how to ignite and put out fires and I'm a happy camper.  Adam Collins is just that.  One sexy firefighter.  He has this crazy notion that because his dad and his grandfather were playboys and were not the marrying kind.  So because of that he's stayed away from the one woman in town that makes his blood boil with want.  Josie Wells.  Pre-school teacher, sweet girl, the type of girl that wants a husband, a white picked fence, and kids.  All things he can't give her, or so he thinks.
Josie is waiting for Mr. Right to come along, but it's been so long since she's been with a man that her friends make her go for a night of hot sexy with the town's playboy, Adam.  Knowing his reputation it was just meant to be a scratching an itch kind of thing.  But after one HOT time against the back of his firetruck in the middle of Towns Square during the festival, and they both want more.
I think this was the one story that required the least amount of meddling from our designated matchmaker.  And it was kind of cute to see Trent from book 1 having a bit of a role in this story being that he's Adam's best friend and they work together.
I loved Adam because, well, he's just the type of hero everyone wants to drool for.  But Josie was a great heroine.  Sweet on the inside but very naughty on the inside.  Being that it was a short story I think there was plenty she was left without exploring, I would've read a lot more of these two. ;)
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Maria D. said...

Good review! I'm glad that Adam gets a chance at an HEA since he was so funny in the first book in this series.

Kathleen O said...

These Whispering Cove hunks are getting me all hot and bothered.. I must, must have them on my tbr shelf...