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Tuesday 17 July 2012

DOMS DUNGEON: Logan Edgington

They are almost all in the Dungeon!  It is now Logan's turn.
Erotica on the edge-from the national bestselling author of Surrender to Me.

When FBI analyst Tara Jacobs's fellow agent and best friend goes missing while investigating a sex ring, Tara goes undercover as a submissive in a BDSM club. But no man can top a woman like Tara-until a dangerous Dom takes control of the scene and sets her heart racing. Too bad he's also the man who stole her innocence years ago-and one to whom she'll never submit. But Navy SEAL Logan Edgington knows he alone can protect her-and this time he'll never let her go...

Logan: Getting a call from Shayla, he's both pleased and surprised. Agreeing to meet her at the Blue Moon Cafe, he tries to find out why she wants to meet up. Chuckling about clever, closed-mouth women, he arrives at the cafe and orders a large pot of coffee. Watching the door, he sees her walk in and stands to give her a giant bear hug.

Shayla Black: Walking in with her laptop, she peers around, looking for Logan. No doubt, he was surprised to hear from her. Laughing to herself, she finds him across the room. After a friendly hug, she practically tackles a passing waitress to beg for a Diet Coke. Logan chuckles as she sets up shop with her laptop and looks across the table at him. Damn, he's hot. Those piercing blue eyes watching her intently, along with the sharp, military cut of his dark hair—hell, his whole demeanor—shouts his aura of controlled power. She'd forgotten how hot... Yeah, moving on from that thought. There's business to discuss. “Bet you're wondering why I called and wanted to meet. Now, listen with an open mind. There's this great website called Under The Covers….” She crosses her arms over her chest. “No snickering at the name. If these ladies didn’t like sexy, you wouldn’t be here. I'd tell you to get your mind out of the gutter, but I think it's impossible. Anyway, their readers have nominated you as one of this year's ultimate Doms. A winner will be chosen soon, and they wanted a few words from you. How about helping a girl out?”

Logan: After hearing the name of the website, he bites the inside of his cheek to hold back the smartass comeback on the tip of his tongue. When Shayla tells him he's been nominated for Ultimate Dom, he's sits back, both surprised and flattered. “You sure they mean me?” When she nods, he grins and takes a drink of coffee. “Well, sure, Shayla, I'd love to help you out. This is one hell of an honor. So…” He crosses his arms and looks over at her. “What do you need?”

Shayla Black: Watching his muscles ripple and bulge, she swallows tightly and tries to focus. His question... Oh yeah, that’s right. “I'm not altogether sure. If I were a reader and I was going to vote for an ultimate Dom, I'd want to know what qualities would even put a guy in the running for that title. I know that you're firm when you need to be, but you listen. And you care. I know you'll do anything for the people you love.” The waitress comes by with her drink, and Shayla quickly drinks half of it down. Caffeine is her friend. As soon as they order breakfast, the waitress departs, and Shayla continues. “But are those the qualities of a good Dom or just a good person? In my head, you're both. When you're resolved about something, you go full throttle, but I suspect that's the SEAL in you. Give up, whether it's on a mission or a sub, just isn't in your vocabulary.” She peers at him, pondering. God, he really is insanely gorgeous, and she tries not to squirm in her seat. “Um, last year's ultimate Dom was your friend Jack Cole, if that helps. Maybe you should just tell me in your words what you think makes a great Dom.”

Logan: Listening to her comments, he takes them all in and gives the question some serious thought. “You're right, Shayla. Failure is never an option to me in anything, not as a SEAL, a friend, or a Dom. I think it’s about control and communicating to your sub and partner enough to instill trust. She should be assured that, whether I give her pleasure or pain, I’ll take her where she needs to go without breaking her. As for Jack, he and I are different kinds of Doms. I have a sense of humor.” He chuckles, and Shayla rolls her eyes. “Seriously, he's a true friend and a great Dom. Personally, I think the qualities of an ultimate Dom are simple. Straight up? I demand obedience. Period. My sub knows when I say something, I mean it. And there are reasons. I will follow through and keep my word, no matter what. Because I know what she needs, even if it's not always what she wants. I know her body better than she does, and I know what will send her flying free. I give her everything I am, and in return I expect—no, I demand—the same from her.”

Shayla Black: She swallows nervously. When he shifts into Dom mode, it's intense. She fidgets in her chair. “Yeah, that all makes sense. It's good. Really good. I think maybe readers need to get sense of how you operate. You know, how you'd meet a sub and determine what she needs so that you can give it to her. Can you give me an example?”

Logan: Spearing her with his blue eyes, he looks Shayla up and down slowly. Seeing a sweet, rosy blush creep into her cheeks, he lowers his voice. “It starts with a look. Then communication. When choosing a sub before settling down with Tara, there were rules. If the sub couldn't or wouldn't abide them, then the scene was over and we’d discuss her barriers and fears. It’s more than getting in a woman’s body; it’s about getting in her head. Her soul. Asking questions is vital. For instance, do you like the bite of a whip or the whisper of a soft flogger? Are you afraid to be completely bound and at my mercy, knowing that I might give you more than you can take? How much do you want to let go and trust me?” Softly, he strokes Shayla's hand and continues. “Are you shy? Would you strip naked and walk behind me through the dungeon? If I told you to, you would. Does the idea of having your hands and feet cuffed, unable to move, then being blindfolded so you can’t see, excite you?” Sitting back, he takes another swig of his coffee. “That’s all part of what a good Dom is, Shayla. Knowing what my sub needs and wants even before she does, and making sure she gets it...eventually. Some have to learn patience first. I think you’d fall into that category.” He winks.

Shayla Black: That look he sends her, like she’s the only woman in the world... Oh, it sucks to have such fair skin. She knows she's blushing. She can feel the heat on her face. No doubt, he can see it. His deep voice—and those commanding words—suck her down into his world, and she can picture it all clearly. Vividly. Everything he says sounds absolutely sublime, and her mind starts to drift. She yanks it back and swallows the lump in her throat. This is an interview, dang it! “Yeah. Got it. So...some of the things you're describing, they help subs remove the mental barriers between the two of you? And build trust, correct?” He nods slowly, deliberately staring into her soul with that sexy, intent gaze. “I get that people are sometimes closed off or have trouble letting go. It holds them back in many areas of their life, not just sexually, right? But what happens if a sub doesn't know what she needs or is too shy to admit what she wants?”

Logan: “That’s where communication is critical. No good Dom walks into a scene with any sub until they’ve discussed everything beforehand. And you're correct that some subs are closed off and need a firm hand to guide them and to help them overcome those mental blocks or fears that stop them from truly being free. And it’s all about trust. The sub has to have confidence that I won’t breach her hard limits, but I will push her soft limits—as far as I can. She has to know that by surrendering her will and her control to me that I won’t break her trust or her spirit.”

Shayla Black: “And with all that, she'll find a new freedom and sense of self she never found before. I know.” She nods as the waitress sets down their plates of hot food. They dig in. She can feel Logan watching her, gauging her reaction. He's more than a little relentless, and she hides behind her laptop screen, making notes. She picks at her eggs, her mind whirling, then turns back to him. “I know what Jack's answer to this next question would be. We've discussed it. But what's in this for you? I mean, a lot of people would say all this is a lot of effort for you to go through. Why not just have sex or be friends or whatever the non-kink equivalent would be? Why does all this stuff float your boat?”

Logan: “You’re kidding, right?” He grins as he puts his fork down. “All right. Fair enough. I’m not built that way, I suppose. It’s more than the sex, although that's a part of it. It's about control. Who has it, who gives it up, and what happens when they do. I crave the control. I like knowing that my sub longs to please me and will submit to anything, from standing still so I can inspect her, or allowing me to give—or deny—her orgasms. When she is bratty, there's punishment, and she knows that, even in that, I’m in total control. She is always safe and cared for. In return, she’s going to learn about herself, all the way to her soul. She’ll tear down whatever’s holding her back and find a peace she’s never known. I think it’s a great exchange.”

Shayla Black: Yeah, he's definitely about control, but she knew that about him from the start. He is always in control of himself, his environment, his emotions, his sub... She makes a few more notes as he finishes off breakfast. She observes the way he's sitting, facing the door, eyes scanning the room, watching everyone come and go. Yep, always in control. She smiles. “Unless you have anything to add, I think that's all I need for this interview. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to meet with me this morning!” She saves her file, shuts down, and stows her laptop in her purse, standing nervously. Logan rises to his feet, hovering way above her, and throws an arm around her shoulder. He sends her his most dazzling smile. Drawn to him, she leans into his hug. Damn, he smells good, too. He's got the most massive shoulders, and those eyes... She clears her throat and pulls away. “Give everyone in your extended Wicked Lovers family my love and thanks again!” 

~ Shayla Black

Isn't Logan just dreamy? *sigh* Logan is just the Dom that every time I think about him I get a tingling, shivering, melting sensation through my whole body.  From the first time he shows up in the Wicked Lovers series we can tell that he is INTENSE, and that's saying something when his brother Hunter had already made an impact as a pretty delicious Dom.

He has a certain brooding quality to him in Hunters' book that just attracted me like a bee to honey.  Of course then the backstory for his own novel is that he's been in love with the girl next door basically and he had to let her go.  He's spent the past 12 years without having sex with another woman.  His love for Tara was so strong that after all that time she was still the one for him even though he could never have her or be near her again.

During that time he learned and perfected his skills as a Dom.  Trained by one of the best Doms and with a natural ability for reading what a sub needs and giving it to her.  Not stopping at limits, pushing them.

But not only is he so very deliciously intense but he can turn into the most caring and soft lover after unleashing his inner animal on you.  What more can you really ask for?  And on top of that he can just look at you with those beautiful blue eyes, tats gleaming with sweat after he's worked you over pretty good and ... yeah, the man definitely pushes all my buttons.

Why should you vote for him?


He is The Perfect Dom
~ Francesca
Under the Covers

What Readers Had to Say:

Too many great comments but here are some...
He knows exactly what he wants and he gets it! 

He's persuasive, strong and dominant. But also wants to take care of his sub. He's smitten with the love he has for Tara, but is also quite dominate and demanding of her. Very attentive.  

Logan is so very Dominant and he is not afraid to fight dirty to get the woman he wants. I don't know about anyone else, but I love the idea of a guy willing to take on ANYTHING and ANYONE to win me over. He knows his way around a dungeon too. Oh yeah- he's a professional Dom. But saves himself for his one true love. *sigh*

Logan serves his subs the way he serves his country...wholeheartedly. He gives them what they need not just what they desire reading them perfectly.  

Loved the book and loved Logan more and more with each line I read.

He wields a whip like no one else. He knows what the sub needs before she does!  

He's more than a Dom. Hes The Dom. 

Any woman would feel safe in his care.

A good Dom knows his sub, what she can and cant do, what shes comfortable with. A good Dom pushes his sub, makes her see she can accept more than she thinks. Logan does that in spades. He knows her better than she knows herself, yet he never ever exploits or uses her to further his own means. He wants needs and loves her and it shows in everything he does. Shayla has not only made the Ultimate dom, shes made the perfect man.

A hero as well as the Dom to end all Dom's, the man is it.
Note: Voting will start tomorrow so be sure to come back and cast your votes!


June M. said...

I have this Dom....er, book waiting for me but have not had a chance to get to it yet. He does sound delicious though :)

Unknown said...

I'm just reading "Decadent" right now (Kimber, Deke and Luc) so I've just been introduced to Logan. I'm working my way through the books and am looking forward to reading Logan's book.

Maria D. said...

Logan gave some very compelling comments about why he should be the ultimate dom...the voting is going to be tough!

RayneRoseRen said...

Out of all Shayla's men, Logan is one I keep going back to! I love his story and I enjoyed the interview VERY much!! He'll be a tough one to beat!

Susan W. said...

I really enjoyed the interview! He gave some very good reasons to chose him. It's going to be a tough decision.

Timitra said...

Damn all these Doms sound really good it's gonna be so hard to choose just one.

Vixhen said...

Logan is the perfect mix of Dom and loving husband. There is nothing he wouldn't do for those he loves. His book was off the charts HOT!!! I loved watching him find and reclaim his "Cherry".

Vanetta Q said...

Omg!! I am ordering this series NOW!!!!

Unknown said...

Who would not love Shayla's hot alpha men. OMG...so HOT!!!


Tiffany P said...

Who would not want Logan as their Dom! Tara (Cherry) is a very lucky woman! Love all the work Shayla puts into each one of her books!

Tiffany P said...

Who would not want Logan as their Dom! Tara (Cherry) is a very lucky woman! Love all the work Shayla puts into each one of her books!

Unknown said...

Not only is he Georgous, Built, but He cares for his Family... Loved the way He told Kata " she had better not break His Brothers heart, and how he was so Protective of Kimber. But the Fierce Love he had for Tara... that really gets you!!1

Anonymous said...

I would have listed Navy SEAL as the first reason why I would vote for him...but I am attracted to that whole bad assed man in uniform doing special ops thing. LOL

Bonnie said...

OMG! Shayla never disappoints! Logan is sexxy, confident, and one Hawt azz Dom! #TeamLogan

Unknown said...

Logan is The Dom go team logan!

Unknown said...

Logan is The Dom go team logan!

Landry Breaux said...

I obviously have a lot of reading ahead of me. I haven't read this one yet but I do want to get to "watch" Logan at work in his story. I have to add it to my TBR list now, it's going at the top. Thanks!

Iread2xs said...

I just got this book in the mail today. Can't wait to get to it i love ALL of Shayla's Doms, they can top me anytime

Unknown said...

I love Logan. He is an amazing Dom to read about. I loved his book.