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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Review: Fire on the Mountain by P.D. Singer

Fire on the Mountain
by P.D. Singer
(Mountain # 1)

This is an emotional story about how two young men deal with their feelings and attractions, how they deal with being gay and how they deal with falling in love.

Landon is young and wasn't expecting to be attracted to his assigned partner when he signed up as a ranger. He's supposed to spend the summer in a cabin in the middle of the wilderness and patrol for fires. While in the forest, alone with his partner Kurt, who happens to be a vet at this position and is showing him the ropes, he can't help but feel an attraction to him.

It's so sweet to see Landon try to hide his attraction thinking Kurt was not gay and would not appreciate any advances, but then it was great for them to build their relationship without having sex come in the middle of it right from the start. Being in close quarters with each other they got to know each other, even flirt a bit. It takes a life or death moment to get these two to open up about their sexual attraction and then they don't hold anything back.

It was a sexy and fun and sweet story and I even enjoyed the short story at the end about Kurt's past and the ranger who made an impact on HIS life.

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Landry Breaux said...

I hope to read this one SOON! It seems to have great potential. Thanks for the review.

Maria D. said...

Good review! I like when a book spends time building the emotional relationship without jumping into sex between the characters right away.