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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Review: Game for Love by Bella Andre

Game for Love
(Bad Boys of Football #3)
by Bella Andre

Football linebacker Cole Taylor has one goal: To fulfill his grandmother’s dying wish to see her grandson happy with a woman he loves.

Fortunately for him, Cole has a million women to choose from. But not a single beauty is the right woman for him.

Setting out to search for this woman, he finds Anna Davis, a sensible first grade teacher whose life is simply and easy. But once they set their eyes on each other, sparks fly and both of them seem to lose their heads. Neither one happy with the way their lives are at the moment, they decide to take matters in their own hands and do something about it.

Their first tactic? Get married.

Bella Andre writes some of the best contemporary romances out there today and her erotic take on these sexy football players have definitely caught my interests. While I don’t think this is my favorite of Bella Andre’s work, I still think it’s worth reading. There’s undeniable chemistry and a fun storyline.

The things Cole and Anna do are so outrageous and impulsive that it was kind of liberating to read about. They are two people aren’t happy with their lives and they become fed up with just settling. Instead, they take a leap and find that there is truth to their love after all even though it started out as a lie.
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