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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Review: Dark Secrets by Desiree Holt

Dark Secrets
by Desiree Holt
2.5 Feathers

Riley Scott thought the small town of Freewill was far enough away from her controlling ex fiancee for it to be an ideal place to hide, to be inconspicuous. But Hawk the new Sheriff in town not only keeps sticking his nose in but also sparks heat in her that she tries her best to ignore. But the men who are looking for her are getting closer and Hawk may be her only chance of escaping.

Although this wasn't poorly written and the sex scenes in it were hot, just couldn't keep my interest focused on this book. The plot line was formulaic and a little boring and although the characters were okay, they were a little forgettable.

But maybe I am being harsh, this was a novella rather then a full length book so it is hard to fit anything to intricate. I just found that for the pages it had I was reading them more to get to the end rather then because I was enjoying it.

I would try Desiree Holt again, but this particular book just wasn't for me.

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