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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

ARC Review: Shadow Rising by Kendra Leigh Castle

Shadow Rising
by Kendra Leigh Castle
(Dark Dynasties # 3)

I fell in love with Ms. Castle and her Dark Dynasties from the very beginning. I gave 5 Stars to Dark Awakening (book 1) and 5 STARS for Midnight Reckoning (book 2) and now another 5 Stars for Shadow Rising. Ms. Castle has been consistent with giving the right amount of romance, hot scenes, action and a very elaborate plot.

Damien Tremaine also stayed true to his character from book one, two and up to his very own story. This cat-shifter remains one of the best Shade for the House of Shadows, still very dangerous, mysterious, and definitely sexy. I love a hero with a grief-stricken past that made him a cold-hearted man. And finally to see him up close and personal is just a treat.

Her name is “Ariane not kitten” though being a Grigori Vampire, she IS as innocent as a kitten. But Ariane is a straight shooter, she does not mess around and she knows exactly what she wants. As innocent as she is, I love her, she stands up to what she believes in and can hold her own fairly well. She had her mind set on finding her mentor Sam and that is exactly what she is going to do. If it means to join forces with a shade so be it.

Opposites attract is the cliché but damn, isn’t that just the truth? The balance between Damien and Ariane was amazing; the cold hearted shade and the innocent vamp. It was fun to see them banter and Damien said the funniest things to annoy Ariane. And her rebuttal was just as hilarious. They complimented each other and it was amazing to see them finally find someone after all the years of solitude. Their relationship is a perfect match.

To those who already follow the series, a few things to keep in mind; the battle between the Dynasties continues but at a quiet state. Don’t be fooled as plans are brewing right under our noses. The seat for the Empusae is threatened and a few of the dynasties are still on building and rebuilding. The Shadow has Risen and is here to stay. Several things were unfolded in this book and I’m curious to see what Ms. Castle has in store for us as far as where the dynasties stand.

Also, I am most curious about Vlad dracul of the Dracul Dynasty, he has totally captured my heart. I would love to know more of him. From what I see he is a good ally to most of the dynasties but I’m sure you don’t want to be on his bad side. And I bet he would me a great hero to swoon over.

***Mark my words, if and when Ms. Castle decides to write about him, IT WILL BE EPIC***

*ARC provided by publisher
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Christina said...

Thanks for the review. These have been good books. Looking forward to reading this one too.

Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - I haven't had a chance to get this book yet but I plan to

Cindy said...

Great review...I absolutely love this series...