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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Review: Summer Nights by Susan Mallery

Summer Nights
by Susan Mallery
(Fool's Gold # 8)

Yes! It's summer, and there's nothing better than a feel good contemporary story for me. I haven't read the rest of this series, I admit, but I saw this book feature on a friends' blog and just had to get it. I was hoping it would work as a standalone and I think it accomplished the job perfectly. If I did miss something because there were some previous couples getting hitched or showing up, then I can honestly say it didn't take away from enjoying this story.

Shane works with horses. He's back in Fool's Gold doing what he loves while building his own ranch and licking his wounds from the bad divorce from his ex-wife. Now he decided he can't have another woman that he is that passionately attracted to. Another woman that can truly make his blood boil spells trouble.

Annabelle is the town's librarian and not a local. Too bad the first time Shane sees her she's dancing on a tabletop at a bar. No matter how much he wants her he thinks its better to stay away. But she wants him and they keep running into each other.

This is maybe a story about love at first sight. Or at least lust at first sight, but their connection quickly develops into something more. It was a very sweet and light read.

Having not read this author before, I have to admit that I enjoy her style. This was romantic, with a sense of a small town and family that I like, and just felt very easy to read.

Shane was to die for sexy and Annabelle was determined to have him without begging. I like that.

I think I might have to find time to read the other stories in the series and will definitely be looking forward to the next book to come out.

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Taryn @MySecretRomance said...

Susan is the go to author for me when I need a sweet read. Nice review!

Maria D. said...

Susan is a must buy author for me - she's a really good author and a very nice person too:)

Kathleen O said...

This is a great series and I adore Susan's books... I have finished reading Summer Days and not it's on to Summer Nights...

Unknown said...

Maria, it was your blog that made me buy this ;)

Thanks Taryn

Kathleen, I will def be reading more from her. Hope you enjoy this one as well.


calstephanie said...

Great review. Susan's books are awesome and Summer Nights was a great read. I definately recommend any of the books in the Fool's Gold series. I've enjoyed all of them!

Unknown said...

Thanks calstephanie! I'll def be checking out the rest of the series!