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Sunday 26 August 2012

ARC Review: Inside Bet by Katie Porter

Inside Bet
by Katie Porter
(Vegas Top Guns # 2)

If you don't read any further into my review just know this:  If you are not reading Katie Porter you are missing out on some seriously hot books!  I thought after finishing DOUBLE DOWN that this series had started out on a really high note with a lot of originality and that it would be hard to keep up with that note.  Which is why I went into reading INSIDE BET without expecting much of it.  And boy was I wrong!

INSIDE BET had me from page one.  I started this and couldn't put it down, literally.  The story is great, the characters are even better and the sex?  Well...lets just say that this book will leave you reaching for a vibrator or your significant other...at the very least will have you biting down on your knuckles and needing a cigarette afterwards.  And note that I don't even smoke.

I think anytime you can make a hero as delicious as Jon Carlisle you already won half the battle.  If you like the rich and powerful type, he's your guy; if you like military men, he's your type.  If you have a thing for a man in a three piece suit, yep that's him.  But he's also the guy in really nice jeans and a white tshirt with a jacket and sunglasses, or the extremely sexy guy in a military uniform.  In case you need further explanation, Jon Carlisle is panty-melting hot!  And he's not afraid to get a bit rough and dominant.  Where has he been my whole life?

Of course the lucky girl that catches his eye, Heather Morris, is not so bad herself.  She's smart, she's got her issues with her past but that doesn't immediately stop her from being with Jon.  Their dares and extremely hot sex couldn't have happened if she hadn't been there to push the envelope.  Together, these two are explosive!

Then there's also the friendship in Jon's group and the issues with Leah coming to a breaking point.  I really can't wait to read the next book and finally find out what her story is and why she is so self-destructive.

*ARC provided by author

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