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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Review: The Reckoning by Alma Katsu

The Reckoning
by Alma Katsu
(The Taker Trilogy # 2)

Ms. Katsu provided another well written, suspenseful, deeply emotional and definitely another engaging story. This dark LOVE TRIANGLE will sure stir up emotions and the extraordinary story telling will have you reading non stop.
The book starts with a quote that I believe sets the tone and prepares readers of what’s to come. The question is, who is the Beast and who is Beauty?
"You'll always be dear to me, Beast. I’m truly your friend. But I don't think I shall ever be able to marry you."
"You're my only Joy," said Beast. "I'd die without you. Promise, at least, that you’ll never leave."
-Beauty and the Beast, Madame Leprince de Beaumont
After hundreds of years of her immortal life, Lenore is still in the same situation. She is still helplessly in love with Jonathan, a man that can never and will never love her back. Now, she is mourning his death. The book takes off a little after The Taker had ended, as Luke and Lenore continue their days trying to get some routine or normalcy but with Lenore’s immortal life, nothing will ever be simple. If you’ve read The Taker (which I recommend reading first), you know that Lenore is not only on the run from the law but she is also on the run from her past, Adair in particular. However, her past will soon catch up and well, shock the hell out of her.

Adair’s imminent Reckoning is here and his revelation is not what I expected. He definitely had time to think of Lenore’s betrayal. It was justified but what he went through was unforgivable, IMO. It was wild to see him come out of his prison and wake up to find himself in a new world. Ms. Katsu did well to explain his experiences with adapting and comparing the now and then. She also focused more on his POV, which was great because I was right about his evil existence, his sick obsessions and evil doings in the past and present….sick bastard. But damn, Ms. Katsu threw me a curve ball making me think twice of how I feel for Adair. The character build up was quiet amazing.

Lenore on the other hand, remains the same, strong willed. She continues to tell her story of the past and of the things she did with and without Jonathan and Adair. Unfortunately, they are more heartaches, betrayals and more hardships. I actually admire her for surviving; given the circumstances, she really does it without any support or assistance from anyone. My heart truly breaks for her, she just can't seem to get a grasp of any happiness. Ms. Katsu has to end this series with a good closure for Lenore, for my heart's sake.

We also get to know a bit more of Luke whom I feel bad for. I also hope Ms. Katsu gives him an HEA of his own, it’s well deserved. The other immortals made their presence but didn’t really make a mark on me as much as the leading characters. I do have to warn readers that there are strong contents of sex abuse such as rape and violence in this book.

Ms. Katsu kept me on my toes, surprised me with the unexpected outcomes and she left me needing more. Overall, a spellbinding read.

*Review copy provided by author
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Unknown said...

Another great review! I'm gonna be kicking my ass when I finally decide to listen to it. I got a feeling that I will enjoy them as much as you did.
OK, I'm moving them u the list.

Unknown said...

Thanks Loupe, I really really enjoyed this book.
realy really. LOL

helpmerhonda72 said...

Beautiful review Angela!

Unknown said...

thanks babe, much appreciated!!!
luv yah

Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - this sounds interesting too