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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Review: Devil's Business by Caitlin Kittredge

Devil's Business
by Caitlin Kittredge
(Black London # 4)

Jack Winter and Pete (Petunia if you want your arse kicked) Caldecott need to escape London for a bit, after what happened with Nergal the whole of London's magical community have put Jack at the top of their to-kill-on-sight list. When Pete is all too conveniently asked to go to  Los Angeles, City of Angels, it seems the best route out of a nasty death in the bowels of London. But far from being full of angels LA is a cesspit where all the things that go bump in the night go to hide, but Nergal's escape from Hell's prison has split the cell wide open and things far older and  deadlier then demons and ghosts are now stalking LA's streets.

This was another fantastic installment in the Black London series, just as dark and gritty as the previous books this one is instead set mainly in LA. I thought the change of place would take away from the grim and foreboding atmosphere  as the Black in London is a character almost as much as Pete and Jack. I am happy to report that I was wrong, LA had a feeling of its own, not with the same impact as London, which has had three other books to build it up, but it was  interesting to see a new place for Jack and Pete to wreak havoc in.

Devil's Business was told entirely from Jack's POV, which was fantastic, Jack is one of my favourite UF heroes (I use the word hero lightly here!) he is deliciously fucked up  and completely different from any other male characters I have read. But in this book we saw him be the reluctant savior and see Jack willing to sacrifice anything to save Pete was unexpectedly sweet as you know he wouldn't bother for anyone else.

As in all the other books in this series the writing was engaging and coarsley beautiful and the plot was fast moving, bleak and threatened the apocalypse, all of which kept me riveted to the page. It also gave hints of things to come, it seems like Jack and Pete are in the centre of something big and world ending and I can't wait to see what that is! 

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