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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Review: 18% Gray by Anne Tenino

3.5 Feathers
18% Gray
by Anne Tenino
(Task Force Iota # 1)

You know what the great thing about Anne Tenino is?  She's hilarious!  OMG this book made me laugh out loud sometimes.  And don't get me wrong, it was still sexy and erotic when it had to be but I love the fact that the characters were funny and a lot of times didn't take themselves too seriously.

The sci fi aspect of this story however is I found a bit lacking.  James Ayala is in the military and he's in the Red States where men are oppressed and is not allowed to be gay.  Matt Tennimore, who used to have a high school crush on James and was always out of the closet, is assigned with the mission of rescuing James and bringing him back to the Blue States.

James has been experimented on by the government and was implanted with a chip that has been changing a lot of things about him.  He can feel other people's feelings, which can come in handy during a fight.  He can also communicate with animals.  But more and more things are changing for him because of the chip and I am very curious to see what the next book will bring as far as the plot since it seems it will probably develop more the sci fi storyline.

This story is more of an enemies to lovers, even though they were friends first.  I loved the fact that they both secretly had crushes on each other, just that one was open to exploring his true desires and the other took a few years to come around.  I did feel a connection between James and Matt even from the beginning and could definitely see how they can end up together and in love in such a short time.  But I do think that Matt should've made him jump through more hoops to get him.

Like I said before, the best part about this book is the humor.  I HAVE to talk about the horny nun, Sister Benigna.  She was trying to hump or get humped throughout the whole story and it was hilarious!  Lady, these men are not interested in what you have to offer!  LOL  Then there's Miz, the horse.  Obviously James can communicate with Miz but it was so much fun to see Miz interacting with Matt because Miz had its own way of getting things across.

I am excited to read the next one though!  I hope that there's more Matt and James and that we get to see some of Laslo and Logan!!
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Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - this sounds like an interesting book

Unknown said...

I read an m/m by this author last month. I loved it! I'm gonna have to try this one too. I love some sci fi in my books. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Thanks Maria, hope you check it out.

Vanessa, if you're talking about Frat Boy and Toppy...I LOVED IT! :)