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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Review: Because You Must Learn by Beth Kery

Because You Must Learn
by Beth Kery
(Because You Are Mine # 4)

This week's edition is all about sex and punishment!  The kiddie gloves are off and Ian Noble is finally going for what he wants from Beth and boy! *fans self* Francesca was in for a couple of rounds of "power drive."
"Did that arouse you?" he asked, kissing her lips softly.  "Letting me use your body for my pleasure?"
I really can't say there was any major development in their relationship or in the overall story in these two chapters.  We didn't really learn a whole lot other than the fact that Ian has an amazing mouth (is he part snake?) and is pretty damn good with a crop. ;)
"It would please me if you slapped me...between my thighs."
Francesca is dealing with her own feelings about the way she reacts to all the BDSM stuff Ian is exposing her to.  She should be disgusted by it not turned on, right?  She's also finding it hard to deal with that Ian wants to have so much control over her. 

I still think she's incredibly naive and Ian very overbearing and at times a bit of an ass.  In the book it all seems so glamourized and Ian just comes across as the hottest thing around but if I were to be in a relationship with that guy...someone better have the bail money ready.
"The day isn't over yet, Francesca."
I can't wait for the next part of this story!
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Timitra said...

Francesca you have me very excited to read this series!

lorimeehan said...

I've read the first 2 and loved them. I highly recommend this series.

Unknown said...

Timitra, I hope you jump on the crazy bandwagon with this one. It's addictive!

Lori, glad to hear you're enjoying it as well. Keep on reading!


Netty68 said...

I started reading these last week after your review & I'm loveing them. But waiting for the next one to come out each week is going to kill me :-) I also highly recommend this series.

Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - lol at having to raise bail money if this Ian really existed...lol

JoLee @ Wickedly Delicious Book Blog said...

Awesome Review. I am hooked on Ian and Francesca. I just finished Part 1. Thanks for sharing those yummy little teasers. Darn I have like 4 books to read before I can start on Part 2.

Have a great weekend.