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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Review: Softly at Sunrise by Maya Banks

Softly at Sunrise
by Maya Banks
(KGI # 5.5)

Well....a couple of things first.  Even though this story is #5.5 in the series, this actually takes place in the middle of book six.  However, there is only one minor reference to something that I guess happens in that book and everything else is independent.

Problem with automatically buying books by an author you like?  You stop reading blurbs.  At least I do.  Anyway, I'm reading this series already so of course I bought this the day it came out.  But here's the problem.  This story is mainly about Ethan and Rachel.  My least favorite couple in the series.

Ethan and Rachel have had the worst time getting together and quite frankly I had some issues to start with in their book (#1) because their marriage was already in shambles when she got taken and tortured.  How could their marriage be at that low point and then after she's gone through so much we can expect a HEA?  I do think this short story was needed because it gives an epilogue to their romance.  If not an epilogue it opens up another chapter.

I wish I could've seen a little more of them connecting in this story, however they are the same distant people.  Except now Rachel is pregnant...with twins.  And she started working again.

At least I'm happy to see some of the Kelly family that I was missing in the last book!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to read PJ & Cole's book though.  They might take the top spot as my favorite couple (now occupied by Sam and Sophie).
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