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Friday, 24 August 2012

Review: Love in the Afternoon by Lisa Kleypas

Love in the Afternoon
by Lisa Kleypas
(The Hathaways # 5)

Master storyteller, Lisa Kleypas, has brought another series so dear to my heart to an end...gloriously!  Ohh what a beautiful book!  I always knew Beatrix was special but she is such a sweetheart in this story I couldn't help but love her to pieces.  And her hero, Christopher Phelan, is worthy of all her love and attentions.  Truly falling in love with Beatrice's beauty on the inside.

This book has some of my favorite things... a strong lovable heroine who is not afraid to be a bit unladylike and get dirty sometimes; a hero that is truly that, a hero; love letters and notes (I always love books that have that!); a lot of cute and adorable animals.

Beatrix is a favorite of mine.  She was always different even in a family like the Hathaways.  I love how she started her connection to Christopher through letters while he was during war.  Even if she wasn't writing them for herself.  And just as she can tame the wildest animals, she's the perfect woman to handle Christopher.

Christopher was amazing as well, he was intense and Beatrix was the only thing that seemed to have pulled him through difficult times and is still helping him now.  His PTSD was not addressed as good as I thought it should but I find in a lot of historicals with this subject, they don't go too deep either.

The Hathaway family makes a small appearance, which just makes me sad because I can't believe there won't be any more books in this series.  I will miss it dearly and I am on the hunt now for my next Lisa Kleypas read... Suggestions?

Lisa Kleypas wonderful contemporary romance stories but when she's at her best is definitely in historicals.  You feel completely transported to the world she describes, as if you were attending the balls and dinners and taking the walks through the gardens with the characters.
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Timitra said...

Great review Francesca...adding this book and series to my wishlist!

Unknown said...

Thanks Timitra! Make sure you read the Wallflowers first then this series. Not that it's NECESSARY but you see some of the characters from that series here as a character from that series gets his HEA in this series.