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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

ARC Review: Into the Woods by Kim Harrison

Into the Woods
by Kim Harrison
(Tales from the Hollows and Beyond)

If you are a Kim Harrison fan, you'll love this.  If you are a Hollows fan, you'll love this.  If you are a true Hollows fan, you've probably read a lot of these stories previously.  But don't despair there is a little something extra that will make this all worth it.  In my opinion, this might not be the best book if you haven't read the Hollows series, however.  I think because the short stories cover a wide span of time and books, you'll be getting some spoilers while reading this.

Another thing that I loved was Kim Harrison's commentary at the beginning of each story.  She gives a little background of how that story came to be or why she decided to do certain things with the series or characters.  I truly enjoyed that.

The Bespelled - 4 Stars
We are going back in time to when Al first captured Ceri.  Al was not a nice guy and this was the story to prove it for a while.  He had no heart then and you can really see how much he's changed and evolved in 1,000 years.  Enjoyable read all over again!  First published in The Outlaw Demon Wails.

Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel - 4 Stars
I always enjoy reading this story.  This was back when I actually liked Pierce.  So during the Solstice, and while Rachel is still a teenager, her brother Robbie dares her to summon their dad to ask him if she should join the IS.  But Rachel ends up with Pierce instead and all the troubles that causes.  First published in Holidays are Hell.

Undead in the Garden of Good and Evil - 4 Stars
And Ivy/Kisten story.   Right before Ivy goes to work as Rachel's partner.  This story gives us a view of the vampire world and politics that come into play.  Kisten is the Scion but at times he leans on Ivy's strength and support to get through.  I loved reading Ivy's and Kisten's relationship and remembering. *sigh* First published in Dates from Hell.

Dirty Magic - 3.5 Stars
Mia is a banshee that shows up in Black Magic Sanction.  I have to say that I personally don't have a fascination with banshees and this story was ok but I didn't connect in any major way.  We are just in Mia's head, Mia who is in love and can't help but suck all the energy and life out of everyone and everything.  First published in Hotter than Hell.

The Bridges of Eden Park - 4 Stars
Broke my heart to read this.  That's all I'm going to say.  First published in For a Few Demons More.

Ley Line Drifter - 3.5 Stars
This is a Jenks/Bis story.  They are hired to investigate a mysterious presence in a statue at a park.  I love Jenks and almost forgot how much I love Bis!  Then there's Matalina, who I just love to read about.  This was a fun story but I thought was a bit dragged out.  First published in Unbound.

Million Dollar Baby - 4 Stars
Here's your new dose of Hollows.  When Trent and Jenks go off on their rescue mission during Pale Demon and then come back with his baby, didn't you wonder what happened?  I loved every second of this Trent/Jenks adventure.  Plus it's written from Trent's POV and I am quickly becoming addicted to being in his head and understanding how he thinks.

Pet Shop Boys - 4.5 Stars
This is the beginning of the non-Hollows stories.  This one should become a full length novel or even a series.  A whole new look at vamps from Ms. Harrison.

Temson Estates - 3 Stars
I felt that this story was gearing up to go somewhere and then it stopped right in the middle of getting there.  Dryads.  Yeah, not exactly my thing.

Spider's Silk - 3.5 Stars
This was interesting, if a bit slow.  I would've liked it to be a bit longer and know what happens next.  She seems to have a fascination with dryads.

Grace - 3.5 Stars
Grace has special powers that can become dangerous.  It was ok but I can't say I loved the ending.  Maybe it needed to be developed more and could be a good story.

*ARC provided by publisher
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Krista said...

I can't wait to read about the other characters that run around in Kim Harrison's amazing mind :)

Laurie said...

I have read a few of the novellas, but I want to read Million Dollar Baby and Pet Shop Boys! Thanks Francesca :)