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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Review: Craving by Cara McKenna

(Curio #3)
by Cara McKenna

Before I unleash my fangirl side, I’d just like to remind readers once again that this series needs to be read in order, starting from the very beginning with CURIO. Otherwise, the scenes you read here probably won’t resonate with you as greatly. Okay, on to review....

It is springtime and Caroly and Didier’s Paris romance continues to bloom at a steadfast pace. In CRAVING, we find Caroly waiting for Didier at a restaurant. This meeting is monumental, not because it’s the first time Caroly is seen with someone known to be a prostitute in tight circles, but because Didier suffers from an extreme case of agoraphobia. The fact that he is even willing to confront his fears to see Caroly in a place so beyond his comfort zone shows just how much he cares about her.

Cara McKenna delivers yet another tightly-written slow-burning romance that boils to a fevering point! CRAVING is written in Caroly’s POV this time and I enjoyed it very much. I loved that readers were able to get inside her head and see the vulnerability that lies there. Even though she has bedded - and been bedded - by Didier many times already, there is still wonder in her eyes whenever she sees him. There’s this constant thought in the back of her mind wondering if one day Didier will finally tire of his job and simply wish to be with her in a long-term sense. Until then, Caroly cherishes each moment she has with him now. McKenna writes so that each word is necessary and infused with such warmth and electricity, bringing these characters to life again and again.

In this vignette, Didier and Caroly explore each other’s more darker desires. A little bit of bondage and anal play is involved, but there is passion is spades! As they explore Didier’s toy chest, they discover far more than just the carnal pleasures that it can bring, but also the trust in which they give to each other.

If you haven’t read Cara McKenna before, then you are surely missing out! She is a definite auto-buy for me and I will be waiting to see what she has in store for one of my favorite couple.

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