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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Review: Cutaway by Liz Borino

by Liz Borino
(Ben's Life # 2)
I really like Liz Borino's writing style and the way she weaves her stories.  She is actually one of the few m/m BDSM stories I've ever read and enjoyed.  However I have to say I thought the first book in this series was better.  Maybe because throughout the book there was more emotion in book one.

This book somehow fell into the "we are in a comfortable relationship" monotony.  Towards the end we saw a little bit more of the story IMO and I really liked how the love they have for each other showed through.  In both Steve giving Zack his place and not demeaning him, but also pushing his limits and exploring things Zack wanted t explore.  And then there's Zack caring for Steve.  Which just about broke my heart.  This was my favorite part of the book.

The plot with the TV show changes and all that I thought maybe could've been shorter and I would've like to have seen more of the relationship and the lifestyle Zack wanted to explore.

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