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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

ARC Review: My Fair Dork by Daisy Harris

My Fair Dork
by Daisy Harris
(Men of Holsum College # 8)

You know... I could sit here and talk about how this is a story about one misunderstood kid going into college.  A little shy, a little timid, a little inhibited about his preferences and his body.  What he perceived as limitations.  And it's the story about that same gangly kid getting with the man of his fantasies, the jock and handsome kid in his dorm.  Yeah, I could go on about that type of relationship for a while because who doesn't want to see the geeky geek get with the jocky stud?

But what I really need to tell you about is the star of the show...  Let met see if I can pick a quote to describe what I'm talking about:

"Owen opened his lips wide and tried to fit them over Harold's head.  It didn't really fit.  Owen could get the head in his mouth but not with enough room to do anything fun with it."

Ahhhh yes, the star of the show and of this book was Harold's monster cock.  There I said it. Damn!  That thing was hanging around and laying heavy and alert throughout this whole book.  It really did play a major role and I give both kuddos to Owen for taking it and Harold for learning to love it.  ;)

OK so back to the story.  Other than the magic monster penis on the gangly dorky kid, this story was very sweet at its core.  Harold already knew who he was but Owen, even, though he had some m/m experiences in his past, was not aware he was "gay".  But their attraction is immediate.  And they don't fight it.  Well except for Harold fighting nature and trying to charm that snake between his legs into submission at times.

This book was fun....

"Maybe his dick took up all the energy he ate., like a rogue parasite in a science fiction movie.  It absorbed all the calories he took in and was slowly starving him to death."

"Maybe his cock has joined forces with his tongue, and the two of them were plotting to take over Harold's body.  Growing larger and larger, until one could touch the other."

But it was also very sweet and by the end of this short story I could feel the connection between the two.  Probably one of the best couples in the MOHC series by Ms Harris.  Can't wait to keep reading!

*ARC provided by author


Timitra said...

Ooooh I like the sound of this-thanks Francesca!

Unknown said...

heheehehe *cough* I wonder what it was that sparked you interest *cough*


Jen B. said...

Your review was great. It's on my wish list. I love a story with a bit of humor!