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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Review: Rough Surrender by Cari Silverwood

Rough Surrender
by Cari Silverwood

Ms. Silverwood did an extraordinary job with this erotic/historical book. The mash up of time, place and plot was pretty amazing. This story is based in Cairo in the 1900s with characters who have both very strong personalities and are coming to terms with their sexuality. I have to admit that the cover was intimidating. I really didn’t know what to think of the pyramid and roped up lady. However, after reading this book, that cover is a very good fit to the story.

Faith Evard is a very independent, strong-minded, free spirited and definitely ahead of her time woman. She is one of the first female pilots and on a mission to do more in life. She meets Leonhardt Meisner at an Aviation Conference. He is a well-known, rich, entrepreneur/engineer who has a lot of experience in his sexuality. And he has plans to teach Faith everything he knows.

It was great to see this couple come to terms with who they are in and out of the bedroom. I love seeing Leonhardt show Faith his expertise in the bedroom but yet giving Faith leeway to do as she pleases with her life. Faith on the other hand, was a walking contradiction. She was a very strong female but yet found herself wanting to submit to a very alpha domineering man. I love that Ms. Silverwood was able to give her both roles. It was uplifting to see her fight for what she wants and yet give Leonhardt what he needed. Their sexual explorations are steamy, includes lots of toys and different positions. You will never think of pens the same way after reading this book.

Ms. Silverwood also touches a little on a fine line of BDSM and sex slavery or abuse in this book. Seeing that even in this time, there are a few that struggle to differentiate the two. Though it was just in the background, the awareness was brought out.

I think in reading dark BDSM books that includes submission to a Dom outside the playroom is a big trigger for me. It is a fine, fine line and that line was not crossed in this book *whew*. I consider myself new to the world of BDSM and I know I have a lot to learn. With that, I plan to explore more of this genre and most definitely more of Cari Silverwood’s books.

I hope Ms. Silverwood continues to write more about Faith and Leonhardt. I would also like to know more of Jeremy and Hassim both friends of the H/h, very intriguing characters. I was told that there are plans to continue with this series but not solid at this time. If it continues…it will be an automatic buy for me.

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Unknown said...

What a fantastic review :). Rough Surrender is a favourite of mine and, so is Cari. Can't wait for more of Faith and Leonhardt :)

Unknown said...

What a fantastic review :). Rough Surrender is a favourite of mine and, so is Cari. Can't wait for more of Faith and Leonhardt :)

wanda f said...

Ive got to read this book.

Timitra said...

Great review Angela!

Unknown said...

Thanks Ladies!!!
I can't wait for more Leonhardt!