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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Review: Nobody's Perfect by Kallypso Masters

4.5 Feathers
Nobody's Perfect
by Kallypso Masters
(Rescue Me # 4)

I have been procrastinating in writing this review because I feel that I need to write something amazing to explain how I felt.  But now I realized that is not what's going to happen, so I'm just going to tell you how this book made me feel.  And in my opinion, when a book can move you, make you connect, engage you to the point that it feels as if you know these characters and you care so much for their well being, not just for their happily ever after... then that is greatness!

That's how I feel about the Rescue Me series in general.  I have come to care for each and every character in this series because they are all so damaged and have gone through so much hardship in their lives, that I just want to be part of the happiness when they get there.  A perfect example of that has been Damian and Savannah.

I won't get into the background too much from previous books, will focus on this book.  Savannah comes back to Damian with their daughter in tow, running away from her father and his right hand man.  From California to Denver, with no money and battered.  Savannah is strength personified.  Damian takes them in without knowing Mari is his daughter and just tries to protect them and care for Savi.

But she is so damaged.  I don't think we had a clue, even though we had a slight idea, of what Savannah has gone through in her life.  This book and her story brought tears to my eyes many times, even again as I write this.  I admit that I had to take breaks from reading this book and good thing I had something light and funny to read in between.  It is deep and emotional.  To find out what she's been through, to see her go through healing, to see her deal with her triggers, to see her break down.  And she had to break down before she was able to start putting herself back together.

The way the author told her and Damian's story was so believable and realistic.  Never jumping too fast ahead that you wouldn't believe Savannah could do it.  I think all around the research that went into this book shows, because the scenes Damian picked, the reasoning behind them and how he executed them...everything leads me to see how this lifestyle has a lot of healing in these situations.

Damian also has his story and his issues.  Some are just in his mind and some are physical.  Ms. Masters deals with those as well.  This is not an easy book to read, it is very emotional, but once you go are done reading it, you'll be happy you did.  And I do have to add that O.M.G. Damian is so hot, if he wasn't perfect for Savannah I would seriously consider looking for him and stealing him.

And if you're wondering why this is a 4.5 review and not a 5, I can only say that is personal preference.  My heart ached for Savannah to find happiness and I think I would've liked to see a little more in between her darkness where she had a happy moment.  Even if it was a moment where they interacted with Mari more.  I think I personally needed some light to break up the darkness, earlier in the book.

I think from now on I will call Ms. Masters "The Queen of Making Me Cry!" from sadness or happiness alike.  NOBODY'S PERFECT is just an amazing healing and love story, because at the core, love did conquer all for both and saved them. 

Favorite Quotes:

"I care, Savi.  I understand.  Let me help."

"He fought the urge to mouth 'I love you' to her, but didn't want to scare her off.  So he just mentally tattooed the words on his heart, instead."

"Savi held onto his wounded leg, wrapping both arms around it and laid her forehead against his knee.  She wished she could shed tears for him, but she hadn't been able to cry in...forever."

"You said you had nightmares."
His hand stilled on her head and he stopped breathing for a moment.  "A few.  Over time, though, I chose to dream about you...us...and the nightmares faded some."
"So that's why you call me mi sueño.  Your dream.  Oh Damian." They'd missed so much.

"Don't call me a victim.  I'm a survivor."

"It will never be okay.  I will never be okay.  I'm too broken."
"Nobody's perfect, Savi.  Hell, look at me.  But you'll always be perfect to me."

"Nobody's perfect, mi sueño, but you're about as close to perfection as I've ever known."

"I never forgot you, Savannah.  Not for a single day."

"Marisol told me once you'd forgotten you were a princess.  I just wanted to make sure you never forget again.  You're my princess, Savita.  I'll never let anything happen to you.  I'll slay your dragons.  I'll chase away the demons that invade your sleep - and, trust me, I know they will come -  but they're no match for me, my love.  I'll be there for you no matter what - if you'll let me be."

*Review copy provided by author
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Lisa W said...

Great review! I agree, this book is so emotional it's hard to explain!

Unknown said...

Excellent review. Thank you.

Unknown said...

love the reveiw :0...excellent!

Timitra said...

I can't wait to read this story...great review!

Unknown said...

Thanks ladies!

Enjoy the book :)


lorimeehan said...

Great review. I love Kallypso.

Eileen said...

Great review! You did a great job stating your points and your reasoning for your stars. I'm so glad that the book took its time getting released from May until September because it was a delicate balance of not rushing the healing. Love this series!

Margie said...

Great reasoning, great review! I am taking my time reading this book also. So emotional. And I just love Kallypso. She puts her heart and soul into writing these books and it shows.

Unknown said...

Thanks ladies!

Hi Margie!!!!! *waves* (if you are not my roomie Margie from RAW, then oops! LOL)


Kallypso Masters said...

Thanks for the review, Francesca, and for the lovely comments, ladies!