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Thursday 25 October 2012

Review: Weekends Required by Sydney Landon

3.5 Feathers
Weekends Required
by Sydney Landon
(Danvers # 1)

Claire Walters has somewhat of a hectic life. She has to work two jobs in order to keep up with her mother’s medical bills. During the week she’s the plain Jane assistant to hottie Jason Danvers of Danvers International. Every woman in the office seems to have day dreams about him but she tries to keep her relationship professional, so she punches in; she punches out and tries her best to maintain her composure. During the weekends Claire works for a party planning company which specializes in bachelor parties. Her job is to play dress up and jump out of a cake for the special birthday/bachelor boy. Not something she loves doing, but it pays her well enough to cover all the expenses in her life. But one party turns everything around when she pops out of a cake and finds Jason front row and center. She’s not only horrified but knows for sure she will lose her job at Danvers.

When Jason sees his assistant jump out of a cake at his friend’s bachelor party, he cannot believe his eyes. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would react so wild to what he thought was his plain Jane assistant. In that instant he saw a woman he desperately wants and the only way to keep Claire out of this cake jumping business was to make her work long hard weekends with him; only problem is he’s finding it hard to keep Claire off his mind and soon he finds himself completely captivated by her and willing to do anything to make her happy. What he doesn’t know is by trying to make her happy he’s pushing her away and soon they find themselves in a tug of war between passionate nights and arguments of denial and frustration.

While I found Jason to be a bit dull and mechanical in his words, I did enjoy the way he lost control in his lust for Claire. Also he’s just so damn sweet. And while I found Claire to be a bit annoying when it came to her doubts in Jason, she did show a difference from the “fall to your knees” woman we normally see in contemporary romances. While she did melt for Jason she also knew she had a life to deal with and didn’t let distractions get in her way, distractions meaning having sex with her hot boss. And let’s face it ladies, it is quite a taboo subject to sleep with your sexy boss but isn’t is oh so naughty and hot?!

Weekends Required is your typical Contemporary Romance where the two main characters battle their feelings for each other while indulging in hot passionate love making. If you’re looking for an easy read with some inappropriate flirting under tables and sex up against a wall, this should satisfy your little craving! Enjoy!

* Review copy provided by publisher