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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Review: Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole


Demon from the Dark (Immortals After Dark # 9)
by Kresley Cole
Paranormal Romance

Demon from the Dark is one of my favourites of the IAD series! I absolutely love Carrow! She’s spunky, sexy, and downright hilarious! She is definitely one of my favourite heroines from the series.

To be honest, I was worried to find out who she would be paired with because she has such charisma and a zest for life. I needed to make sure she got the HEA she deserves. And after reading Demon from the Dark, I think Malkom definitely fits the bill!

Malkom Slaine is a vemon, a rare vampiric demon (How cool is that!?). His past is dark and horrific and Malkom doesn’t know much about love and affection. At an early age, his whore mother sold him to a vampire as a blood and sex slave. After that hurtful abandonment, Malkom was cast to the streets again after his vampire master tired of him. Fed up and tired of betrayal, he gets revenge by killing his mother and master. Soon he finds momentary happiness in his friendship with Kellan. But then they are both forced to drink vampire blood turning them into abominations. In the end, Malkom is the one to survive. But only because he killed his only friend...

Carrow has her own problems to deal with. Stranded on an unknown island and confined in a small room, she is offered her freedom if she can retrieve Malkom from Oblivion. She agrees only because they reveal a young seven-year old witch named Ruby, unconscious and orphaned, to her. For the child’s safety and their freedom, she takes up the task but once she meets the vemon, she soon finds herself doubting her ability to give him up.

Initially, I thought the language barrier was an issue. Somehow Cole managed to create incredible chemistry between the two even when they couldn’t understand each other. Plus, reading Carrow’s attempts at explaining “Nooo sex” through gestures to Malkom was pretty freaking hilarious!

The relationship between Carrow and Malkom is complicated. From the moment Malkom sets his eyes on Carrow, he knows that she is her mate. But Carrow wants nothing to do with the vemon. Her task involves retrieving him and that’s it! Cole always makes her characters work for their relationship and this one is no exception!

I have to mention how adorable Malkom is whenever Ruby or Carrow show affection towards him. He is not used being in the presence of people so when Ruby puts her hand out for him to hold, Malkom asks her if she’s injured. He’s clueless, but damn adorable too! I also loved the part when he looks over his shoulders because he assumes Carrow is smiling at someone else when they are alone in his shelter. Malkom is so sweet. Love him!

And of course, Ruby is too sweet for words. She brings so much life into their relationship and Carrow shows her growth from a wild child party girl to a responsible mother.

Demon from the dark is a really great story about growth and love. I can’t recommend it enough!

Favourite Quote:
How to say sex? How to mime sex? “Ah, gods, are you really going to make me do this hand gesture?” She made an okay sign with one hand, then threaded the forefinger from her other hand through it.
His eyes widening, he nodded empathetically.
Until she did it again while saying, “Noooo sex. NO.”
He growled.



Jen at Red Hot Books said...

"Malkom is Carrow's." **sigh**

This is my very favorite IAD book. One of my top PNRs of all time!!!

Unknown said...

Mine too, Jen! Actually I can't decide between No Rest for the Wicked and this one! They're all good!