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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Review: Touch the Dark by Karen Chance

Touch the Dark (Cassie Palmer #1)
by Karen Chance
Urban Fantasy
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WARNING! This book may leave you out of breath and dizzy due to non stop action and far too sexy vampires

Cassie Palmer has a problem. In fact Cassie has quite a few, a psycho mobster vampire who also happens to be her former guardian has found her after 3 years of being on the run; her clarvoiyant abilities seems to be getting more vivid and disturbing; her Billy Joe, her ghostly sidekick keeps disappearing at most inconvenient times and her former roommate isn't quite what he seems. But this is just the start for Cassie things have started to shift in the supernatural ability and it seems that several factions want a piece of her and she is never quite sure who to trust.

What I love about this series is that it grabs you as soon as you start reading and drags you straight into the action. There is almost no let up; hence the warning at the top of the review. Cassie is flung from one dire situation to another. This book also gives you alot of information all at once and on top of everything else going on it can make it an intense read.

The world the Karen Chance has created though is really interesting, full of vampires, weres and mages all kind of living in harmony. And once you have gotten past the intial information overload you can appriciate the complex world the Ms Chance has wrought. Another great thing about this book is the characters. It is told from first person POV and I know this can put some readers off, but I find that I quite like this in UF, especially if I like the person whose head I am inside, like I do with Cassie. Cassie was a great character, she wasn't your usual tough chick who makes pithy sarcastic comments as she kicks the crap out of people, instead she makes pithy sarcastic comments as she runs away or as she is being almost beaten by the enemy.

As for the sexy-dangerous vampires, there are a few to pick from, there is Mircea, brother to Dracula, the seemingly urbane and calm master vampire, so long as you don't piss him off; Louis Cesar (my personal fave) with the long auburn hair and the lethal fencing skills and Tomas hot, sexy and likes to ripe people hearts out with his bare hands. Choices, choices!

This is definitely a series I would recommend to those who love Urban Fantasy, it was funny, interesting and action packed and I can't wait to get to the next one.


Silvia said...

I read your review and the first thing I did was to put this book on my wishlist! Thanks for the suggestion! ;)

Jen at Red Hot Books said...

This series gets better and better with every book! Loved it!

Jen at Red Hot Books

Unknown said...

This book is really good Silvia! YI really hope you like it!

I am on to the next one this weekend, I can't wait to read it again!