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Monday 8 October 2012

ARC Review: Little White Lies by Jamie Brenner

Little White Lies
by Jamie Brenner
(The Gin Lovers # 2)

LITTLE WHITE LIES is Charlotte Delacourte's baby steps into experiencing the life that she wants.  Dressing a little more daring, dancing a bit around town.  She is also the pillar and only thing keeping her sister in law from being in big trouble.

There is so much on Charlotte's shoulders that I feel all that weight is going to cause her to explode at some point, probably soon.  Responsibilities all over the place, with her husband, her sister in law, her society friends.  This was not exactly what Charlotte signed up by marrying into the Delacourte family, at least not what she expected.

And all those things that are missing in her life, she is starting to feel and starting to explore and I am anxious to explore with her.  I also think that the author is doing a great job at painting the picture of this world without dumping a bunch of information all at once.  It's slowly all coming together, like any great movie should play out.

The characters are becoming more and more addictive.  I want to know more about them and found myself glued to the pages of this one as some things were heating up and others were crumbling down.  I just wanted more and more.

This episode was definitely a bit more fun and upbeat but ohhhhh the cruelty!!!  The ending of this episode might have you crying for the next book in the series!  Good thing the wait isn't long!

Favorite Quote:

"It's tough be alone on the shelf...It's worse to fall in love by yourself. The one I love, yes, the one I love, Oh, the one I love...belongs to somebody else."

*ARC provided by publisher
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Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - maybe I'll wait for part three before I start part 2

Francesca said...

I do hope you read it Maria, I think it's addictive and really original and different. Love the story and world.


Timitra said...

Thanks for the great review Francesca!