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Monday, 4 June 2012

ARC Review: Devil's Gate by Thea Harrison

Devil's Gate
by Thea Harrison
(Elder Races #4.6)

Best of the Elder Races Novella yet!!! For such a short story, this book has a lot of content. I am very happy with this book. I feel as if Ms. Harrison read my mind and gave me what I wanted. This book had it all; good recap, good flow of writing, humor, romance, and glimpses of my favorite characters.

Dr. Seremela Telemar is our heroine and a fine one at that. We first see her in Storm’s Heart then Serpents Kiss, both playing a role using her medical expertise. In this book, she takes time off for personal reasons. Her niece, Vetta had run away and she is on a mission to bring her back (Vetta, by the way is the same girl who had stolen the tarot cards from the bus at the end of the last novella, Natural Evil). Brave and independent as she is, Seremela’s plan is to save her all by her lonesome.

However, our alpha hero will not let her go by herself. The Sexy, rich, debonair Duncun Turner is hard to turn away. He is the very same progeny/lawyer who works for Carling and Rune. Knowing of his underlying attraction for Seremela, this hero will go out of his way to travel with her to Devil's Gate, save the day and fall in love while doing so.

As I said, in my opinion this is the best of the novellas yet. I enjoyed every bit of the plot and romance. Seremela and Duncan new exactly what they wanted and as adults, just went for it, with priorities taken care of. Ms. Harrison also did a wonderful job on making Seremela feminine in appearance instead of the ugly perceptions medusas are given. The long adorable snakes that went down to her hips are what did it for me.

And what I loved the most is how the past characters/plot were indirectly wrapped around this story. We had direct contacts with the main characters from the full-length books. Ms. Harrison gave us bits of Rune and Julian. We also hear of current situations of Carling/Rune and Niniane/Tiago.

There's also a lot of new names that came up. But two stood out for me. A djinn named Malphas and Xanteh Tenanye, very intriguing characters. and I'm betting we'd see more of them later. I can't wait to see what Ms Harrison will have for us in the next installments.

*ARC provided by publisher

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RachaelM said...

I am so jealous, I can't wait for Devil's Gate to come out. Thea Harrison has become one of my top five favorite authors. I own everyone of her Elder Races books and have pushed them at several of my friends who have in turned fell in love with them too.

Thanks for the review, it just makes me want this one even more.

Christina said...

Oh, I wasn't aware she had a new novella coming out. YAY! Thanks for the review.

Jen at Red Hot Books said...

I agree. I also really liked how she was able to weave in so much of the world-building and plot threads from the novels!

Sophia Rose said...

I've really been enjoying her travel tour to promote this book. Look forward to my turn to read it.

Thanks for sharing your review!

Maria D. said...

I love the "Elder Series" and can't wait to read this book! I'm so glad it came out today:)

Amber Hughes said...

I love this series, but haven't read the novellas yet. I'm bad sometimes with the ebooks :( This is the one I'm most interested in though! Great review :-)

Unknown said...

I better hurry up and catch up, I've only
listened to Dragon Bound, and I really like that , I guess I better continue to the following books before I read this.
Great job missy!

Unknown said...

Thank you Ladies!

@RachaelM, I've pushed them to my friends too. LOL.

@Christina,Glad you didn't miss this post then. Such a great book!

@Jen, Right? I love that it was closely tied to the regular books.

@Sophia /@MariaDlet us know what you think.

@Amber, so worth it and they're short reads so you can squeeze it in. =)

@Loupe, what????? I thought you were caught up with this series. LOL...Another series, I'll be pushing on you. LOL