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Monday, 24 September 2012

ARC Review: Dawn's Desire by Donna Grant

Dawn's Desire
(Dark Kings #3)
by Donna Grant

As a secretary for PureGems, Jane Holden is just simply living her life. She dislikes her boss, Richard Arnold. But who doesn’t hate their bosses anyway, right? It is only when she overhears her boss talking on the phone with someone about something suspicious that causes goose bumps rise on her arms. Has she overheard something to do with Sloan’s death and Elena’s accident while caving?

Before I continue, I should say that If you haven’t read the previous books in this series, I highly suggest you do. I especially suggest you read NIGHT’S AWAKENING at least because the events in that last book very much connects to the events in this book. Someone is following Jane and Banan is there to protect her, yet readers are still left in the dark and Grant teases us with bits of information. It is only later on in this novella that readers really see Grant’s intentions when all is revealed.

Grant packs this book is a ton of action. Out of all the novellas in this series, I felt that this one had the most action. Rife with suspense, Grant will take readers on a thrill ride with this book! I would have liked to see more of the dragon mythology played out, but of course the epic scene of them flying was amazing to read. Grant always does an amazing job at worldbuilding. So vivid and unique, her worlds are always interesting to visit.

I felt that the romance bloomed a little too quickly in this one. This novella seemed much more shorter than the others, rounding out to 99 pages yet Grant is still able to keep readers interested. It’s possible that I wanted to read more about Jane and Banan together, which is why I felt that this book seemed to fly by. Everything happened too quickly that I simply want more.

 I will mention that Banan is my favorite hero of the Dark Kings so far. He seemed the most relatable, the most down-to-earth and I loved his sense of possessiveness when it came to Jane.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and am excited to hear that Grant is writing full-length novels set in this world. It will be a series to look forward to!

*ARC provided by publisher
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