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Monday, 17 September 2012

ARC Review: Hunter's Season by Thea Harrison

Hunter's Season
by Thea Harrison
(Elder Races # 4.7)
Thea Harrison did a great job with this novella.  She has brought a happy-ever-after to two secondary characters from two different books: Xanthe, the assassin from Devil’s Gate and Chancellor Aubrey Riordan from Storm’s Heart.  After their parts from the previous books, it was nice to see a closure for these two characters.  And to boot, the mystery of the tarot cards that seemed responsible for the story we were getting is finally unveiled.  It is sad to say that the tarot cards are now put rest and Thea will now concentrate on the regular length novels.  Bitter sweet, but hey, no complaints here.

After completing an important task for Tiago, Xanthe is now working for Niniane.  She works in close proximity with Aubrey, whom she had her eye on for a while now.  If you remember, Aubrey, he was next in line for the throne, if Niniane didn’t step up.  Aubrey is in the process of healing his broken heart after losing his wife, Naida.  She was killed after her attempt to kill Niniane as she was to take the throne, crazy bitch.  Of course, working side by side, Aubrey starts noticing Xanthe’s presence.  It was adorable to see them steal glances at each other.  Their curiosity with each other intensifies as Aubrey’s life was threatened and they are forced to stay in even closer proximity.  Sneaky-sneaky Ms. Harrison, I mean Trix!

I love Aubrey, he is calm, collected, smart, rich, handsome…debonair!!!  And Xanthe is no push over, she is a strong heroine.  It was cute to read about what went on in their heads as they start to notice and stare at each other.  It was an insta-love but as I said over and over, Ms. Harrison does a wonderful job putting love, action, plot and a good ending in an itty-bitty short story.

We also get a good bit of Niniane and Tiago in this short story.  They are as we left them;  Tiago every bit protective and sweet towards Niniane.  And our Trix, is a bit more subdue, now that she’s a queen and all.  But you can still see the quirkiness in her. I do have to mention a cute little Wry House Cat named Mouse...ADORABLE.  Not much was said about her, a little background but not much to go on after that.  I am hopeful that we will see her again; after all, the Elder Races are somehow connected with each other.

As I mentioned earlier, there are no plans to continue this side series (the Elder Races novellas)…as of now.  Ms. Harrison plans to focus on the regular length books for the Elder Races and a new series called “Rising Darkness (Game of Shadows, #1)”, great things to look forward to, for sure.

Overall, another job well done by Thea Harrison.

*ARC provided by publisher
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Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - I will be sad to see the Novellas end but I do love the full length books:)

Sophia Rose said...

I haven't started these yet, but I need to because I do enjoy getting to know the secondary characters better.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Christina said...

Thanks for the review and the reminder, I forgot this novella was coming out.

Timitra said...

I haven't read this series but have them on my wishlist!

Unknown said...

Thanks Ladies. Thea's Novella's are worth the try even more so for the regular length books.
Maria, you're right. These are good shorts a I'm sad that it's on hold. :/ ..I'm saying "on hold" cause we'll never know. Lol