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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Review: Stranger by Megan Hart

by Megan Hart

Grace is young but she's not like any other normal young girl out there.  For one, she's taken over her father's business and is now a funeral director.  Second, she's not big into friends and doesn't have a lot of girlfriends around to hold her hand and help her have fun and unwind.  And third, she pays strangers to have sex with her.

I've always said I wanted to know where these services are that you can call them up and tell them what you want and they just tell you where to show up and how much $$$ to bring.  And I mean that as in for women.  Grace doesn't really do relationships because of the finality of death that she deals with day to day.  One night stands with strangers are better for her and the safest way to do that is by paying someone.  Picking up a random guy at the bar has risks.  This way she controls everything from her safety to what she wants to do.

Except one night she picks up the wrong kind of stranger, a real stranger.  After an amazing night, she leaves some money and walks out.  Except she finds Sam in her funeral home shortly thereafter.  Sam, given a second chance with the girl that completely captured his attention doesn't let it go to waste.

This turns into a bit of a triangle when you bring into the mix one of the "real" strangers she hires who becomes a regular for her.  I have to admit that this story was very original.  I loved the characters, every single one of them.  Starting with Sam, whom you might know as Dan's brother from Dirty. Then there's Grace who is a tough chick and goes after what she wants or thinks she wants at the time and is confident in her sexuality.  And then there's Jack, from Dirty as well, who just needs to get his own HEA.  Pretty please?

Even though this book wasn't as emotional as Hart's previous novels, it wasn't without the angst I come to expect from her books.
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Maria D. said...

Good review - I haven't read this book yet but I'm adding it to my list