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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Review: Letters from Greece by Lori Green and C.L. McCullough

Letters from Greece
by Lori Green and C.L. McCullough

Kate and Min each have something to run from, Min an abusive husband and Kate an empty life when she is dreaming of more. A run down Taverna on a small Greek island seems the ideal way to start a fresh and life the life they have been dreaming. Add in a Greek tycoon who has taken an interest on Min and Kate who seems to caught the eye of a younger man and life becomes a lot more complicated, especially with the appearance of Min's crazed soon to be ex-husband.

Anyone else really like the film Thelma & Louise? This book reminds me a little of it, only with an infinitely happier ending and unfortunately no half naked Brad Pitt, although we do have the gorgeous Nik, the humble Greek tycoon. This is more chick lit rather then my usual romance, so it wasn't quite what I was expecting; however, I did enjoy it.

Letters from Greece focused on the main characters friendship, they met online and had become best friends, through mutually shared dreams of getting away, isolation and loneliness. I liked that this book looked at how these people who knew so much about each other but never really met go on when they were in the flesh. I have a lot of really goods friends through the Internet, via GoodReads and most notably my UTC blogger BFFs Annie, Fran and Ang so I found this really interesting.

But I liked the story of changes and restarting your life and getting back to basics, it was uplifting reading about Min and Kate learning more about themselves and each other as they make their way to happiness, and of course I loved the heavy thread if romance that was woven through the book.

This would make a great beach read and although it isn't the kind of book I would normally read it was fun going outside my comfort zone.

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Unknown said...

awwwww, we have all become good friends haven't we?

Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - I do like the "chick lit" books once in a while and this sounds like a fun one...bummer on the no half naked Brad Pit:)