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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Review: Candy Houses by Shiloh Walker

Candy Houses
by Shiloh Walker
(Grimm's Circle # 1)

I'm not sure what I was expecting from this series but my definite first attraction was the fact that this series is based on fairytales.  There aren't enough erotic books out there that play on this, so I was super excited.  I should've known that this being a Shiloh Walker book, I wasn't going to get flowery fairytales.  And I couldn't be more pleased.  The Grimm's Circle series is not your everyday fairytale, it's better.

CANDY HOUSES was dark and a bit gritty.  Definitely not your everyday fairy tale but it incorporated those elements beautifully.  I don't think I've read it done better.  Because see, the Grimm brothers got it all wrong.  Oh their stories have a base on the truth, but they got a few things incorrectly.  This story features Greta (Hansel & Gretel), who doesn't go by Gretel anymore because of her past and her psycho brother (yep Hans).  But see Greta is a grimm, sort of an angel warrior against evil demons.

Hundreds of years ago there was something between Greta and Rip (Van Winkle) and now they have to work together when a human has a demon book and has planned and attempted a summoning.  Things just get more complicated when they figure out she might be a grimm as well.

I think this book did a pretty good job at explaining the world of the grimms, although I think I needed just a bit more but I understand the limits of a novella.  I loved the grimms aspect of each having special powers, and their silver medallions, and that they have wings.  I also enjoyed that we go back in time to see Gretel's story.  But I really enjoyed the connection between Rip and Greta.  This book was heavy on the romance for what it lacked on the world explanations and I appreciate that.

I am really looking forward to reading the rest of the series and to discover more about the grimms as I continue to read.  I am definitely intrigued by their boss Will and can't wait to see what Ms. Walker will do with another fairytale because this one... was a job well done!

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