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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

ARC Review: Genius and the Jock by Daisy Harris

Genius and the Jock
by Daisy Harris
(Men of Holsum College # 7)

This book mixes two characters that we've previously seen in the series.  And what a match mad ein "I didn't think that could happen" heaven.

Raj is Calvin's best friend and lab partner in BOSSY AND THE BRAT.  Sexy, indian descent, smart beyond any limitations.  Kind of in the closet.  What we didn't know back then was that he had a crush on football player Griffin.  They had a quick BJ moment years ago but haven't talked to each other since.

Raj has always been gay but never wanted to talk about it.  His friends don't know, his family doesn't know.  He's known for a while and the one object of his lust was Griffin until he started working with Calvin.  But now Calvin has a boyfriend.

Griffin just happens to get hired to work security at their lab building which gives him the perfect opportunity to pursue Raj.  And truly, I felt like Griffin was having one of those old time courtships.  It was so cute, him offering rides, running when he needed help.  Adorable.

Then there's the sexual aspect.  They are both virgins.  The only m/m experience they've had was actually with each other so they fumble along until they get it right, but boy do they get it right.  I guess there's something to be said for enthusiasm.

Their romance was just charming.  This book had everything I've come to love in Daisy Harris's writing.  She's got her groove back!

*ARC provided by author


Sophia Rose said...

Old fashion courtships- its sounds sweet.

Looking forward to it!