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Monday, 24 September 2012

Review: How to be a Proper Lady by Katharine Ashe

How to be a Proper Lady
Falcon Club #2
By Katharine Ashe

Jinan Seton has finally found his quarry after searching for her for two years, but she isn't at all what he expected, Miss Viola Carlyle a gently raised lady has become Violet La Vile, a well known sea captain with a careful of loyal men. Getting her back the beautiful captain back to her family may be trickier then he imagined, especially when she doesn't want to go so they embark on an unusual wager, if she can make him fall in love with her in two weeks she gets his new ship if; however, she fails, she must accompany him home

This is my first Katharine Ashe book and although on average I found I enjoyed it, there were some things about this book that I really liked and things about it that I really didn't.

To start on a positive note what I did like was the strong female character, Viola was tough and not afraid of going after what she wanted, something that you don't always find in historical novels. Unusually it w the male character, the hero Jin, that I found I had little patience for. One of my pet peeves is characters that avoid their hero or heroine when they feel they don't deserve them, when clearly that isn't the case, if only some of the genuinely assholey heroes thought like that I would be happy, alas they never do. Jin was one of those I-am-such-a-bad-man-I-don't-deserve-her heroes. This just unnecessarily stretched the story on and on and I was beginning to get bored and just wanted them to sail away in to their happily ever after.

However, what really kept my interest and will propel me quite happily to the next book in the series, is a series of letters between Lady Justice, a heretofore unknown lady journalist and Peregrine, the leader of the secret Falcon club who work for the crown finding lost people, and the organisation that Jin belongs to. They mock and tease and flirt with one another, whilst Lady Justice threatens to bring the organisation down by revealing its members. I can't wait o find out the identity of Lady Justice and can't wait to see her confront Peregrine.

In general a good book, the romance was passionate and there some aspects of this that I really enjoyed and will tempt me to read the next in the series.

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Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - I'm adding this book to my wishlist too