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Thursday, 13 September 2012

ARC Review: Silver Mine by Vivian Arend

Silver Mine
by Vivian Arend
(Takhini Wolves # 2)

It's always amazing how much I enjoy Vivian Arend's writing.  It flows so smoothly and it's just so enjoyable I can't help but find her stories entertaining.  Add in some sexy shifters and I'm in heaven.  SILVER MINE follows the same Arend formula but it's not your typical story.  The few twists she put to this story are refreshing!

First of all there's the hero Chase, who is a crossbreed and can actually shift into a cougar AND a wolf.  How cool is that?  Maybe this is just me but after all the shifter books I've read, this was a first.  Then there's the heroine, Shelley, who can't shift at all even though she is a wolf.  The dynamics of their relationship had to work with these obstacles and finding a mate had to have its own set of complications and rules for them.  I liked that the author didn't throw in a magical fix it all pill at the end of the story.  Their relationship was real in spite of and because of the differences.

But it wasn't all differences because personality wise these two were perfect for each other.  A bit of loners both, passionate and funny.  Chase was just alpha enough without being too much to handle or too rough around the edges.

Then there's the side story with Evan and Caroline.  I just need to know what's going to happen there because where I liked them together in the first book, I am a bit worried about their relationship after this one.  I don't think I want to wait more than one book to see what happens with them.  Could it be they get a book next?  Or if they are not meant to be together, maybe one of them can just find a mate already?

This story was light on the action and plotting but there was some fighting and some drama.  Just the right amount to make the story interesting without overwhelming the romance.  I can't wait to read more!

*ARC provided by author
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