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Friday, 21 September 2012

Review: The Billionaire of Bluebonnet by Jessica Clare

4.5 Feathers
The Billionaire of Bluebonnet
by Jessica Clare
(Bluebonnet # 1.5)

Jessica Clare managed to capture my heart with this very short story. This book has the same flavor as The Girls Guide to (Man) Hunting but squeezed in a little package of a novella.

Travis Jesson is successful and a very rich businessman who had to come back home to the small town of Bluebonnet to take care of his inheritance.  What he didn’t know was that his grandmother left him more than he expected.  One smart grandmother, as she knows exactly what he needed.

Risa Moore worked as a live-in assistant to Travis’ grandmother until she passed away. Now, she has to move out and find another job.  But before she moves on, she has to make sure Gregory is well cared for and what she gets in return is truly priceless.

Travis and Risa come together after losing someone they both love.   Though there was a bit of “pretty woman-ish” element to this story, their coming together by consoling each other definitely felt realistic to me.  I love both H/h and their pet Gregory who had quite a personality.  This small town love story is sweet, heartfelt and is sure to sweep you off your feet.

I highly recommend this novella as well as the full length books: A Girls Guide to Man Hunting (Bluebonnet #1) & the upcoming book The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male (Bluebonnet #2). 

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Christi said...

ooh, thanks! I didn't realize this was out and I really enjoyed the first book in this series. BOUGHT! smiles...

Unknown said...

I was a good short story. Hope you enjoy it. ~Angela