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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Review: Wicked Garden by Lorelei James

Wicked Garden
by Lorelei James

Favorite Author, Lorelei James. Check
Hot menage story. Check
Second chance at love romance. Check

What more can I ask for?  Really?  I got this short story because, quite frankly, I forgot that Lorelei James was in a very hot menage anthology that I wanted to read.  Then I started hearing about her upcoming October 2 title BALLROOM BLITZ, which is a character from this story, and I just had to catch up.

I think this just proves that Lorelei James can write an awesome romance, sexy as hell and panty-melting erotic....without cowboys.  *gasp*  Yes, you read that right.  No cowboys in sight in this wicked garden.

Eden, the teenager, wanted to loose her virginity to Billy.  She loved him then.  But he didn't think he deserved such a gift or such love and he ran.  They both went on with their lives and now Billy comes back into town on business and runs right into Eden, business and personal.

What they couldn't have then, they have now.  Their chemistry was sizzling, but their love for each other was as well.  I could tell they were meant to be together and complemented each other perfectly.  And just when you think there's nothing else that could make this any better, Jon White Feather comes along.

He's a Native American rocker, a celebrity, and Eden's booty call.  That all makes for some hot, threesome  moments.

For a short story, I think the characters are well developed enough that you can still believe their love for each other.  Whether it's Billy and Eden or Eden and Jon.  It all made sense and connected.  And I can't help but to be more than ready to read Jon's story.
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