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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Review: Dark Needs at Night's Edge by Kresley Cole

Dark Needs at Night's Edge (Immortals After Dark # 5)
by Kresley Cole
Paranormal Romance

Well, it looks like my high school French class finally paid off in the end! Again, I breezed through this book! Dark Needs at Night’s Edge was such a thrill to read!

To be honest, I was caught off-guard. I don’t usually enjoy ghost stories so I didn’t expect to be so transfixed by Neomi the French prima ballerina. But I was. The prologue is fantastic and once I started, I couldn’t stop!

Murdered by her ex-husband in a bitter rage, Neomi Laress was stabbed to death in her own home after the brightest moment of her career. Thousands of years after the murder-suicide, Neomi’s spirit still lingers within her beloved home, forever alone and trapped.

But when three brothers haul a crazed and murderous madman into her home, Neomi is helpless in her spiritual form.

Conrad Wroth is a Fallen vampire with red eyes. He is also a skilled assassin who has succumbed to Bloodlust. In an effort to save their brother, Nikolai, Sebastian, and Murdoch have chained Conrad in the long abandoned Gothic manor for him to recover. But despite Neomi’s fear of having another murderer in her home, she is intrigued by Conrad.... It seems that as a ghost our little ballerina has developed mischievous hobbies, like stealing from her tenants and spying on people. As a former seductress, Neomi can’t resist Conrad’s body so she takes her fill when she can, ogling Little Con because she knows he can’t see.

But Conrad CAN see her! And although he’d die to touch a single hair on her head, he can’t because she possesses no body. Cole really lays on the sexual tension in Dark Needs and she does a fantastic job with it! The frustration and need that both characters have for one another is conveyed nicely and it’s believable. That’s tough to pull off but Cole manages it with ease.

I also want to mention how bad I felt for these two. The heroine is a ballerina turned ghost and the hero is warlord turned vampire. Both do not like what they have become but they are dealing with the cards that they have been dealt. Even though Con doesn’t try until later on in the book, he does make a pretty miraculous recovery. And even though Neomi is a ghost, she isn’t the sulking and miserable kind that we normally read about. In fact, I’d argue that she has more life in her as a ghost than Conrad did in the beginning. I have to respect her zest for life.

I loved the Gothic Horror feel to this book. The harrowing tone was also perfect for Dark Needs and I think, the next time I pick up one of Kresley Cole’s book, I’ll have more faith in her writing. Because so far, she hasn’t disappointed me at all!


Denise Z said...

Thanks for the review - this sounds like a really good read.

Unknown said...

Denise, I highly recommend this series! I adore it!


Melissa (Books and Things) said...

This sounds so good. I need to get into this series.

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Gotta love KC! I wasn't sure that Conrad was gonna make it when I was reading this book.