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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Review: Size Matters by Stephanie Julian

Size Matters
by Stephanie Julian
Erotica Romance

3.5 Feathers

The blurb of this book is what caught my eye, there are loads of books about vampires, shifter, faeries, angels, demons etc but really how many PNR/erotica books to you see about Big Foot? NONE! This is the first one I have seen!

So I finally got the book and can exclusively tell you that Big Foot.... is a guy called Tim! Now this may seem disappointing but it isn't, all 7ft of Tim is just plain hot, and not only hot but really sweet as well. I found myself really liking him and couldn't blame Carrie for jumping his bones as soon as she saw him.

This was a sweet, funny and hot novella, which has definately left me wanting to read more of Stephanie Julian and the world she has created which contains the Fae (who have cute little wings) and Yeti's.

Favourite Quotes

She'd already known his sex was tremedous but she hadn't realized she'd want to immotalize it in stone. Or firm latex.

But if the guy was a serial killer, of course he wouldn't say, "I;m a serial killer. Let me get out my chainsaw."