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Friday, 13 May 2011

Review: Rough, Raw and Ready by Lorelei James

I have mixed feelings about this book. I wanted to see what happened to Trevor and Edgard since the end of Book 1. And then we found out he married Chassie. So I went in thinking either he must not really be in love with her or he's a total ass, and even though he has feelings for her, he's still in love with Edgard.

For a while Trevor and Chassie got to play "normal house" and enjoy their marriage, until one day Edgard comes back looking for Trevor.  He just wants to see where their relationship can go because he's never stopped loving him.  And if Edgard happens to be happy to play along with Chassie as well, then maybe that's a bonus.

In my opinion, Chassie took the whole thing very well, and too easy! I think with all the confidence issues she's had her whole life, something like that being thrown in her lap wouldn't have been so easy for her to accept and adapt to. But then again, she gets two hot guys loving all over her on a regular basis, so maybe that makes it easier for her!

The sex was pretty hot most of the time, but I found it a bit overwhelming, there was too much of it throughout the book, and sometimes it didn't even make sense! LOL And that's something for me to say!

I did feel terrible for what happened to Cam! I've always wanted to read more about him, but now, I feel as if I'll get to read toned-down version of his personality after what happened.

Colt comes through in a way for the three of them, which was nice, but I also found things missing with the logic on what he does for them and what he expects back.

And I do just have one complaint with all these cowboys.... Would it kill you to stop chewing and spitting tobacco???  Not hot, not sexy, just gross.  OK, all done now.

Anyway, it seems I found a lot of loose ends for my taste in this story!  I did like seeing the connection between Edgard and Trevor, it seemed real between them, and the moments with Chassie and Edgard were sweet as well.