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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Review: The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole

The Warlord Wants Forever is the prequel story to the Immortals After Dark series. It features a gentleman warrior called Nikolai Wroth and his seductive Valkyrie enemy, Myst.

Niko was a vulnerable human who almost died in battle, until he gets a second chance at life and is turned into a vampire. And although he’s far more concerned about fighting his war, when he encounters a fiery seductress named Myst, he finds his heart beating once more.

Myst is such an interesting heroine. She has so much charisma and life. And I have to say, I share her fascination with Wroth’s battle scars.

What I love about the IAD universe is the complexity of the stories and relationships. Cole doesn’t simply justified Niko and Myst’s love on fate, although that plays some part of it. Instead, she writes the story so that the couples are faced with obstacles that they need to face together. Niko’s possessive nature causes him to obtain Myst’s chain, leaving her vulnerable to his every command. Stripped of her freedom, Myst fights for her right. Furthermore, Niko begins to have nightmares of Myst’s past, drawing too-quick conclusions on her personality. Knowing she is still chained firmly to his hand, he wishes to brainwash Myst to change her and cause her to forget her sisters.

But then Niko realizes the wrong he is about to commit and tries to apologize for his actions. Unfortunately, this time Myst isn’t too easy to forgive. How they work out their differences and feelings together makes for a wonderful, believable story. That they are willing to forgive and work hard for their relationship is far more interesting than just simply gazing into each other’s eyes and whispering I love yous.

This is a great start to a promising series. The only complaint I have is that I wish it were longer!